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For my apartment I needed a rack to keep my bike upright and off the walls. Nothing can be permanent in my apartment so I built a portable rack from PVC

Step 1: Materials List

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I wanted to keep this simple construction
3/4" PVC and connectors was used throughout.

2x 10' PVC piping
6x: L Connector
6x: T Connector

Step 2: Tools

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This was simple construction, the tools are equally simple.
*Saw: cutting things
*Sharpie: Mark the cuts
*Tape Measure: Measure twice cut once...
*Rubber Mallet: To "Persuasion fit" the connectors (who doesn't need a BFH)

Step 3:

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The PVC pipes were cut in the following lengths:
3x 2" Connecting the U and TT
10x 11" For consistency all were cut the same to make nice right angles
2x 16" The long bottom pieces

Step 4:

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The 2" pieces are used to make the "U" and "TT" joints

Only one "U" joint is needed
Two "TT" joints along the bottom

Start by making the double joints, there will be a gap until you hammer everything later on. 

Make 2 "T" Joints with the three of the 11" pieces

Make the two bottom pieces 11" L 16" L 11"

All of the joints should fit together nicely.

Step 5:

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The assembled rack and one shot with the bike in place.

Note: can be extended to add more bikes as in


bnelson2 made it! (author)2016-08-27

Great idea for a garage. I made a bike rack for 6 bikes. Ended up purchasing

5-10' Sticks of 3/4" PVC

36 - Tees

10 - Elbows


No need for the end sections since 6 bikes long make it very stable. Also, if you have bikes with 19" or larger tires, it's good make the extension longer so the tires goes all the way into the slot. Thanks.

prouddadof3 made it! (author)2015-12-27

Used pieces from a failed bike trailer. only needed a few "T"s and elbows. a Now I can clean our bikes with out leaning it up against stuff and chalking it. The best part, this was the first project I did with my son. He is eight and had a blast helping my cut the pieces. It was a great project to start teaching him shop safety.

hc4 (author)2015-03-27

Made beautiful

Juan Bietti made it! (author)2015-02-11


amrha (author)2014-04-24

nice one. so easy to assemble.

ratkiley (author)2013-11-03

I made a 3 bike rack to fit a tight space in the corner of my living room. This is a compact design that only fits three mountain bikes if you alternate the direction the bikes are facing: forward / backward / forward. Here are the details of my build:

Shopping List

3 x 10 feet by 3/4 inch PVC pipes
10 x 3/4 inch L connectors
18 x 3/4 inch T connectors
Rubber mallet
permanent marker
measuring tape
wood / hack saw

Start with the longest sections and make the smaller parts out of the left overs. Clean the ends of the pipes of burs and shavings with sandpaper or a pocket knife. They don't have to be completely perpendicular cuts to work. The T and L connectors have 3/4 inches of socket to fit them in. If you want to allow 3 mountain bikes to fit all facing the same direction, you will need to replace the 4 x 14 inch pipes with longer sections. Cut the PVC pipes into the following sizes:

2 x 16 inch
4 x 14 inch
18 x 11 inch
4 x 6 inch
9 x 2 inch

Use a rubber mallet to secure the pipes tightly into the T and L fittings. No PVC cement is required, but it might make the finished product a little less flexible. If you take care to align all of the printing on the fittings and the PVC sections to face down or toward the wall where the rack will be up against, you can have a virtually white bike rack with no sanding or painting.

Make the three T shaped tire holders first. Start with two L connectors and a 2 inch section. The three arms are made out of 11 inch pipes, T connectors, and 2 inch pipes. After you have all three completed, you can start assembling the bike rack.

Connect the three tire holders with the 14 inch pipes, two pipes at a time. This is a compact design that only fits three mountain bikes if you alternate the direction the bikes are facting: forward / backward / forward. If you want to allow 3 mountain bikes to fit all facing the same direction, you will need longer than 14 inch sections to connect the tire holders.

Create the left and right ends out of a 16 inch pipe, 2 x L connectors and 2 x 6 inch pipes.

Secure the left and right ends onto the bike rack with the rubber mallet.

This entire project including researching and shopping for materials took me 2.5 hours and cost less than $20. That was easy. Thank you for the ideas.

parisusa (author)2013-08-26

I have my bike upright in my apartment. I use a "kickstand" which uses less room & I didn't have to create it. Not sure why you needed to create such a large item to hold up the bike.

ratkiley (author)parisusa2013-11-03

Most road bikes and mountain bikes don't come with kickstands to save weight.

sussemaus (author)2013-10-12

Great post, thanks!
I combined this with the other design you linked to (the 7 rack) and tweaked it a bit size-wise for 3 bikes. I found for the "U" and the" TT" to be flush with each other , the piece in-between had to be 1 inch, instead of 2. I made two road bike stands with U and TT flush, and one with the 2 inch piece for a larger-tire bike. It's a beaut!

LuisiJ (author)sussemaus2013-10-12

I knew it could be done, and it looks awesome completed like that! Good work on it

sussemaus (author)LuisiJ2013-10-12

Thanks ! My hand is unusable for picking things up after cutting so many pieces but it was a blast! Love building with PVC. Found a link about sanding and staining to look like wood but thought that was out of reality range for an outdoor bike rack haha But if yours is still unpainted :-)

marckachelmuss (author)2013-10-09

I just used a all surface rustolium spray paint! Im sure they have many colors to pick from.

marckachelmuss (author)2013-10-08

Very good project ! This is the one i made!

LuisiJ (author)marckachelmuss2013-10-08

sweet, what did you paint it with?
I intended to paint it red to match my bike, but i really like the black now i see it.

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