Apartment Workshop





Introduction: Apartment Workshop

How to turn an apartment bedroom into a workshop.

Step 1: Workbench

Build a workbench to start.

Step 2: Dust Collection

Set up a dust collection system.

Step 3: Lathe and Jointer

Step 4: Miter Saw

Set up the chop saw.

Step 5: Drill Press

Station the drill press.

Step 6: Table Saw

Table saw and router table with storage.

Step 7: Shelf Space

Store hand tools and extras.

Step 8: Dog

Window spot for the dog to hang out.

Step 9: Portable Tools

Tools and fasteners that can be stored in the shop, but also transported to the car trunk for handyman work.

Step 10: Mancave



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nice workspace man

Looking at your photos I am starting to have shop envy. Is there a story behind having a shop in an apartment? Did you have to downsize? Most of your power tools I would not expect an apartment dweller to have. However, before I was married I had a bandsaw and drill press in my apartment.

Additional details on the mitre saw, table saw and drill press dust collection methods would be appreciated. Looks great and very functional. Super job!

I live in Denver and housing prices are not very friendly. Hopefully in the near future all these tools will have a better home.

Looks great!!