Introduction: Aperture Science Center Box!

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Step 1: Things You Will Need.

Picture of Things You Will Need.

A box (Any box will do)
Print out logos
Blue and orange construction paper
Glue (I used super glue)
White paint (I hand painted it but if it's more convenient you can just spray paint it)
Black paint or sharpie

Step 2: Paint Your Box

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Paint your box and let it dry. For the best results, I suggest coating it 2-3 times.

Step 3: Make Your Figurine and Portals

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Take some cardboard and make the shape for your figurine. Cut it out and paint it black. (Since I was pressed for time, I used a sharpie.) Now take your red and blue paper and cut two identical ovals, one from each color. Cut your figurine in half and glue one half to one of the portals and the other half to the other portal. Glue the portals to the top of the box (or wherever you see most fitting) and let dry.

Step 4: Print, Cut Out, and Glue Your Logos

Picture of Print, Cut Out, and Glue Your Logos

This part is pretty self explanatory. Again, you don't need to put it exactly like mine, but for the shape of my box, I found this arrangement fit best.

Step 5: That's It!

Picture of That's It!

There you go! Glue one side shut and leave the other open for a functional portal box to keep your things in!

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samhdawg (author)2014-03-27


CreationBoy- (author)2014-03-22

I did, I just didn't like how they were so separate.

xenor (author)2014-02-26

You could sacrifice some space at the top, and use a simple level linkage to make the portal appear to function.

RockySilver (author)xenor2014-03-22

dude dat would be souper coowl

tommycai (author)2014-03-16

I love portal that game is great very nice design with the person in half at the top have you thought maybe do one with the sides?

CreationBoy- (author)2014-03-10

Thanks for the idea, I'll try it :D

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