Picture of Apocalypse Mechanics Machete
While in the process of building a unique electric vehicle design called the ApocalypsEV-1/2 out in an old Kansas barn, the unexpected task of fending off the various wildlife found in said old barns became common place (snakes, possums, ect…). Subsequently, it became apparent that standard mechanics tools would basically be useless at fighting Mutant Wildlife and/or Zombies (aside from Gordon Freeman’s crowbar), and that standard Zombie fighting weapons could not be used effectively as tools.

Seeing as how this conflict of utility will ultimately make weight savvy Apocalypse survivors have to do the unthinkable and choose between carrying weapons or tools, it occurred to us what the world really needs are tools that can also be used to help take on a horde of Zombies.

Perhaps one of the more useful tools I have ever owned was a flat bar with a series of hexagonal cutouts in it. While minimally useful as a wrench because of its long length, it proved invaluable as backstop for holding nuts in place while I was tightening them down. Not to mention that when my wrench set was annoyingly missing just the size I needed, my hard to misplace flat bar always had me covered.

It therefore stood to reason that a Katana with a similar series of hexagonal cutouts would be valuable both for taking down Zombies/Mutant wildlife and complementing any set of tools used for post apocalyptic DYI projects. However, after a bit of research it became apparent that in addition to being expensive to make, “Katanas are notoriously high maintenance”* and at ApocalypsEV we hate the idea of high cost high maintenance (www.ApocalypsEV.com).

So seeking a simpler more affordable concept, we created the Mechanics Machete. It combines the Zombie fighting power of a machete with the utility of a set of wrenches. Also when using stainless steel for the blade, it eliminates the maintenance hassle of trying to keep the blade rust free.

this is the best machete i have ever seen. now i really wish i had a cnc.
EV Builder (author)  mr.mountaineer2 years ago
Good news, finally have the first batch of machetes up for sale!
EV Builder (author)  mr.mountaineer2 years ago
Due to popular demand I am actually in the process creating these to sell. It will be a few weeks as the fab shop I am having laser cut blades for me has a 1-2week lead time. If you are interested in buying one send me an email at ApocalypsEV.info@gmail.com and I will put you on the per-order list.
EV Builder (author)  mr.mountaineer2 years ago
I dare admit it’s quite handy; I used to have to carry out two sets of wrenches when going to work on my projects out in the country. Now I just carry one set of wrenches and my mechanics machete, it saves weight/hassle and I always have something handy to deal with brush/wildlife as needed.
Ferriswheel6 months ago
awesome instructable!!!
i think this would be awesome if you made it with 12 pointed cutouts made with both imperial and metric hex sockets, because as a mechie it feels frustrating when i realise that i forgot my imperial kit (or vice versa)
Tex Arcana1 year ago
fake edit: now do an instructable on tempering this blade. ;-)
Tex Arcana1 year ago
damn fine instructable, and a great freaking idea to boot!! Favorited, and in my mental short-list for my bug-out bag.
buskrat1 year ago
Ugh I hate you show me something so freaking awesome then build it with tools I don't have ugh now I'm going to be sitting around with a plasma and due grinder and some files for days to accomplish what you did in pretty much minutes compared to what I'm up against now
triumphman2 years ago
Dam, I want one of those machines! I have been making my knives and machetes by hand with an angle grinder, drill press, and belt sander. I am in love with that machine! How much and where can I buy one ? Check out my stuff. The stuff I want to make I could do so easily on that machine! I really have to have one. Do you know of one used for sale. Or can I get one and pay monthly ???? PleaSE LET ME KNOW !!!
mquiring12 years ago
Beautiful piece but is not intended to change a tire
Advar2 years ago
Great item! (and it proves you don't have to be a Witch to "Hex" somebody!) ;)
This is beautiful !
davrq2 years ago
Prices for EU?
EV Builder (author)  davrq2 years ago
You can check our website for current prices and to place an order. Just make sure to select the international shipping option for orders outside the USA.
caarntedd2 years ago
Wow. Five stars.
Zombie_BBQ2 years ago
SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!......i want this ...*drool*
ehudwill2 years ago
Cool idea.
Schmidty162 years ago
that stinks that u didnt make as a finalist
MrRedBeard2 years ago
If only had a cnc machine
EV Builder (author)  MrRedBeard2 years ago
The CNC featured in this instructable belongs to a friend of mine who uses it as part of a small CAD/CAM business called Redneck CAD Works. He does not charge any setup fees so you can order parts for your projects from him considerably cheaper prices than most other Laser/Plasma fab shops. Also at the moment he has large stockpile of 10GA stainless steel.
Schmidty162 years ago
did u win that cnc
EV Builder (author)  Schmidty162 years ago
Unfortunately no, I dint even make it as a finalist.
rhoggard12 years ago
Nice machete, looks awesome, but have you used it on any brush? I might have to modify mine, after seeing this. The only concern I have is that the largest wrench cutout might weaken a critical point of the blade. The cutouts will make for a better balanced machete, less tiring to use.
EV Builder (author)  rhoggard12 years ago
Actually the largest cutout is placed where the blade experiences the least stress as the majority of branches/zombie limbs hitting the blade while chopping will be either on the flat part of the blade, or the point where the blade transitions from flat to curved.
IMHO, as long as you don't try and pry with the point the final cutout weakening the blade is almost a non issue.
e36freak2 years ago
Blades need to be tempered... I doubt that's going to last for very long.

Unfortunately, wrenches are tempered in a way that makes them very hard, but very brittle. The bulk of a blade should be softer, so that it's less likely to snap, while the edge should be harder to hold a good edge. The best bet for this would probably be somewhere in the middle for the whole thing
EV Builder (author)  e36freak2 years ago
While I admit that my mechanics machete will never be as durable for bolt twisting as a drop forged chrome vanadium wrench; the heat generated by the plasma/laser while cutting out the hexagons does noticeably harden their edges.
pfred2 e36freak2 years ago
All of my wrenches are drop forged.
he put time into this ill give him that
This much awesomeness and not one comment???
Great work/art/epicness .