Last year my little sister greatly enjoyed my Zombie Family photo-edit for Halloween, so this year I decided to make her into a super-scary, cat-loving apocalypse monster using Pixlr.

THE FUTURE: The world has been taken over by super-cute villain cats who shoot lasers out of their eyes! As the destruction of humankind continues, one brave soul discovers that the only way to calm the adorable felines is to rub their bellies. My little sister, eager to save the planet she loves, fuses spare arms onto her body in order to pet as many cats as possible. Unfortunately, she is the only human who remains, and is driven to insanity.

Giving your little sister a few extra kitty-scratching limbs is very simple using pixlr, a free online photo editing tool.

Step 1: Materials

- You will need a photo of a person who deserves some extra limbs. I knew I wanted to use my kid sister, so I just went through her facebook photos to find a good one. My sister makes a LOT of ridiculous faces, so I didn't even have to ask her to pose for a photo! This one was just waiting--begging, really--to be Pixlr'd into a good Halloween picture. If you did not take the photograph, make sure to ask for permission from the photographer.

- Free stock images of arms can be found by looking up "arm" on Google. Don't worry too much about the color temperature of the photos or if the skin color doesn't match exactly--we will be fixing that in Pixlr.

- I use a free image of a destroyed city I found on Google images by searching for "apocalypse city."

- For the foreground, I searched for "cracked desert" on Google.

- For the villain cat, my little kitty at home refused to pose for me. If your pet is equally unhelpful, search for "climbing cat" on Google images to find a cornucopia of options. Because my city was very dark, I chose a white cat to stand out against the decaying buildings.
Nice job!
Cool! And even cooler drawings/paintings on your website, Emily!

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