Appl-O-Lantern - Try It!





Introduction: Appl-O-Lantern - Try It!

I got the idea from the following Instructable:


It is a great "Instructable" and takes about 5 minutes to do! I hope you all take a look at it! I used a xacto knife and a metal tube that was sharpened at the end to carve out the center once the top was dislodged.

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    That's great. I once did something similar with a green pepper. However my wife did not think is was that funny since I was supposed to be cutting up veggies for a picnic.

    cool pictures, i wish there were some instruction: like what kind of candle do you use for the apple, and how did you hollow it out?

    As mentioned in the description, take a look at the original:

    There you'll find the instructions I used. I personally used an electric "tea light" candle that fit in snugly. Just experiment with a knife to hollow it out, I had a "core remover" type tool for the apple, then just carved the face into it. Give it a go!


    I preserved mine....go to this website to find out how...:

    Cool! I'm surprised I never thought about this. +5/5 stars.

    I was the original one! ;)

    Try dipping the apple in lemon juice to prevent oxidization, and I think ,(not sure) it might delay the length of time it takes to turn the inside brown

    Yes, it does help with the browning.  My dad uses that for his apple pies.

    It's true- I learned that in culinary school.

    Great!!! much cheaper than pumkins. if only i could put it on fire......