I got the idea from the following Instructable:


It is a great "Instructable" and takes about 5 minutes to do! I hope you all take a look at it! I used a xacto knife and a metal tube that was sharpened at the end to carve out the center once the top was dislodged.

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That's great. I once did something similar with a green pepper. However my wife did not think is was that funny since I was supposed to be cutting up veggies for a picnic.
cool pictures, i wish there were some instruction: like what kind of candle do you use for the apple, and how did you hollow it out?
As mentioned in the description, take a look at the original: https://www.instructables.com/id/Appl-O-Lantern/<br><br>There you'll find the instructions I used. I personally used an electric &quot;tea light&quot; candle that fit in snugly. Just experiment with a knife to hollow it out, I had a &quot;core remover&quot; type tool for the apple, then just carved the face into it. Give it a go!<br><br>Lukethebook333
I preserved mine....go to this website to find out how...: http://rubyglen.com/articles/craftdriedapple.htm
Cool! I'm surprised I never thought about this. +5/5 stars.
I was the original one! ;)
Try dipping the apple in lemon juice to prevent oxidization, and I think ,(not sure) it might delay the length of time it takes to turn the inside brown
Yes, it does help with the browning.&nbsp; My dad uses that for his apple pies.
It's true- I learned that in culinary school.
Great!!! much cheaper than pumkins. if only i could put it on fire......
Great idea!
Nice face! Thanks for including my 'ible!
Next post, a potat-o-lantern!

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