Introduction: Appl-O-Lantern

Here's a little change to the original jack-o-lantern! Just in time for Halloween! Here are the steps on how it's made:
1. Find an apple.
2. Cut out the core leaving a hole at the bottom and top with enough room for a tee light candle.
3. Cut the core in half.
4. Carve out the face.
5. Eat the shrapnel*
6. Place tee light candle snugly in bottom hole.
7. Put back the top half of the apple core.
8. Admire and post pictures in the comments!*

There you have it, a Appl-O-Lantern! Don't forget to vote and rate!



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    It's kinda adorable in a Halloween way yet it reminds you of like a way to keep away spirits. Creepy. Kinda

    or you could make a bunch and hang them from a real tree. then your yard will smell nice (at least i think it will, from the comments) and it would look really cool!

    to help prevent browning dunk in lemon juice after carving will also make it last longer.

    Sweet... Maybe an LED one that turns on with a timer? Put it in someone's room at night with a vibrator, so when it starts making a noise, it's eyes turn on and the person will see it in the dark. Maybe a good prank for April 1?

    i used an LED. my pics are about 10 comments up :)

    I LOVE THIS! :) great job. i used an LED instead of a candle. it worked just as well. here are pics of mine

    pics2 004.jpgpics2 001.jpg

    I made this.  It works very well so I made two.  When lit, it gives off a very good smell.  Great job.

    It kind of smells like freshly baked apple pie.

     Nifty idea! I had a little trouble with the apple snuffing out the candle, but just had to get the thing vented right. And it did give off a cidery smell!


    i reeally like it 5/5 for me