Here's a little change to the original jack-o-lantern! Just in time for Halloween! Here are the steps on how it's made:
1. Find an apple.
2. Cut out the core leaving a hole at the bottom and top with enough room for a tee light candle.
3. Cut the core in half.
4. Carve out the face.
5. Eat the shrapnel*
6. Place tee light candle snugly in bottom hole.
7. Put back the top half of the apple core.
8. Admire and post pictures in the comments!*

There you have it, a Appl-O-Lantern! Don't forget to vote and rate!
It's kinda adorable in a Halloween way yet it reminds you of like a way to keep away spirits. Creepy. Kinda
Shooby:<br>or you could make a bunch and hang them from a real tree. then your yard will smell nice (at least i think it will, from the comments) and it would look really cool!
to help prevent browning dunk in lemon juice after carving will also make it last longer.<br>
Sweet... Maybe an LED one that turns on with a timer? Put it in someone's room at night with a vibrator, so when it starts making a noise, it's eyes turn on and the person will see it in the dark. Maybe a good prank for April 1?
i used an LED. my pics are about 10 comments up :)
I LOVE THIS! :) great job. i used an LED instead of a candle. it worked just as well. here are pics of mine
I made this.&nbsp; It works very well so I made two.&nbsp; When lit, it gives off a very good smell.&nbsp; Great job.
It kind of smells like freshly baked apple pie.<br />
&nbsp;Nifty idea! I had a little trouble with the apple snuffing out the candle, but just had to get the thing vented right. And it did give off a cidery smell!
i reeally like it 5/5 for me<br />
I one time did this but with a potato and a real candle and the whole house ended up smelling like Hash browns :&nbsp;)
that sounds really cool<br /> if you did it with apples ( soz that was a silly thing to &quot;if&quot;)&nbsp;than it would smell of apples - halloweeny <p>&nbsp;</p>
and wheres the bad in that??? :3
Well, there was a :) in the original post.
i like the idea 5/5 but your slide the writing dosent go with the picture speed the writing up maby but overall 5/5<br />
??&nbsp;You mean the instructions? Those are just instructions, the pictures aren't meant to be instructions. =/<br />
Nicely done. Looks great especially if you want a small pumpkin. +5/5 stars.
Here's mine. It was hard to get a got picture with the flash.
I like it. I like it a lot. You know what would be unbelievable? A ghost tree halloween costume, and you could wear this as around your neck, like some ghoulish pendant. "The apple must not fall far from the treeeeeeeee"\\ Spooky, I know

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