Apple & Pine Tree Dishcloths


Introduction: Apple & Pine Tree Dishcloths

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My originally-designed Apple & Pine Tree Dishcloths feature motifs worked from simple charts, using purl stitches on a stockinette stitch ground, bordered by garter stitch. Apple red and pine green Lion Cotton is knit on size 6 needles for these 7" x 7" cloths. This yarn and the smaller gauge results in thick but soft and sturdy cloths great for perking up those dishwashing chores! (P.S. The dishcloths I make are the most sought-after items by family, friends and coworkers, and are perfect gifts any time of year.)  Free pattern here



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    Thanks - it was a pleasant surprise to see how my chart turned out in "real stitches!"

    These are very attractive. I think I'll make something similar. Thank you!

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    You're welcome! Glad you like them.

    I think the pine tree would make a nice afghan square, too. Lovely designs by kn!

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    Yes, a great idea! And the motifs can also be worked in a different color using the intarsia method. Thank you!

    So, aside from the border, do you just purl all of the wrong side rows? Or is the pattern reversed on the back?

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    Yes, the stitches inside the borders are purled on the back side but the motif stitches are knit, because they are purled on the "front" (public) side, which makes them stand out. The borders are garter stitch (knit every row). Thanks for asking!


    Well, thank you very much! I had fun creating the apple & pine tree motifs and watching them "come to life" with the purl stitches.

    Nice job, I love the blue one, it looks amazing! I truly love this, you are amazing. +1 rating. (added to favorites)

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    Don't know about being amazing, but I do know these dishcloths are, by their popularity with my friends!