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Hi ,

This is my third instructable and i hope you love it !

Today i want to re-use an old ( 1988 ) Apple mouse .

Step 1: Prepare All !

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I find the Apple mouse in my "garage" , and i buy for 2.74 usd an optical mouse ( on ebay).

I prepare the Apple mouse by clean the interior with my dremell ,

I make a hole on the Apple logo , and glue the part of the optical device.

Step 2:

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On the electronic of the usb mouse , i'm soldering some cables to put the switch and the blue led outside the circuit board.

I change the cable , because the new cable was black and it's not the same color of the Apple mouse !

I put a small piece of black plastic on the "Apple" hole.

Step 3:

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I cut a small piece of this white foam to glue under the circuit board ,

I put all in the Apple mouse , glue all the elements .

Close the box ...

Step 4:

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Et voila !!

An new-old Apple Mouse USB !!

This mouse works great , with the same noise when you click ( it's a coincidence) but only the left clic ! (Perhaps it's good for some persons ...)

Thanks for your attention , and see you later for new aventures .


ArthurK12 made it! (author)2016-09-18

I gutted an Apple m5769 optical mouse for this project. I cut off the back bit of the board (luckily there are no electronics there) to line up the led, and used the front bit of the original ADB board for the button switch, which I soldered to the switch on the optical board. I am very happy woith the result and it certainly is a lot of fun being able to use a classic mouse again! ;-)

fredlb (author)ArthurK122016-09-18

Nice job ! Great to use a real Apple mouse

mmoschetti (author)2014-05-20


Super_Nerd (author)2011-07-21

The 1988 Apple mouse was SO angular. Was this mouse from an apple classic?

fredlb (author)Super_Nerd2011-07-21

because it was angular , i love it !
Not ergonomic !
I don't know for how Mac use this mouse , i find it on a trash !

Super_Nerd (author)fredlb2011-07-21

In the pictures I've seen this (I think it's from a Mac Classic, the first mac with a mouse) I always thought that the button was a lever. Push down the left side to left click, and the right side to right click.

Oh, just did some research! It also could be from a Macintosh SE

Smithcraft (author)Super_Nerd2011-11-10

The first Mac with a mouse was the Macintosh. The first Mac with an ADB mouse was the SE. The Classic replaced the SE.

fredlb (author)Super_Nerd2011-07-21

on this mouse , you have only one button .
Perhaps from Macintosh SE ...

Super_Nerd (author)fredlb2011-07-21

Actually, sounds fun to use when there is only one button.

fredlb (author)Super_Nerd2011-07-22

yes , but with Apple Mouse Utility , it's possible (not really fast , but possible...)

McGrep (author)2010-11-21

An interesting retro repurposing. Looks polished, but it may be inconvenient only having a left mouse button. Perhaps some dremel-action could fix that...

jgfresh (author)McGrep2011-07-28

actualy alot of apple mouses today still use the one button click so it wouldnt be too bad

fredlb (author)McGrep2011-01-25

Thanks !
In a first time , i want to use my Deremel , but i think the result was not looking good ...
gmichaelt find a smart utility and i can use like a 2 buttons mouse !

gmichaelt (author)McGrep2011-01-25

Certainly possible. but no need, really - if you've installed One Finger Snap:

This little freeware (and open source) offering "is a Preference Pane that brings up the contextual menu whenever you click and hold down the mouse button... you can do everything with a single-button mouse that you can do with a 2-button mouse." You can set the time required for the 'mouse-down' event to trigger the appearance of the contextual menu. Source code is also available.

If you're using the mouse on a PC (can't imagine why or why not), you can work with a one-button mouse if you've got Apple Mouse Utility:

installed. It converts a Control-key-modified mouse click into a right-click, which will present the contextual menu.

fredlb (author)gmichaelt2011-01-25

Hi ,
thanks ! i try the Applemouse Utility who working very fine !
I can use my Apple mouse everytime ...
Thanks again.

Pepealej (author)2010-12-26

Cool ;)

fredlb (author)Pepealej2011-01-25

Thanks !

ricardzanella (author)2011-01-16


fredlb (author)ricardzanella2011-01-25

Thanks !

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