Apple 30 Pin Charger for Samsung Hack





Introduction: Apple 30 Pin Charger for Samsung Hack

Step 1: Use Apple 30 Pin to Charge Samsung Tablet

Samsung 30 pin cables are faulty
Although my tablet is a few years old I got it off my dad whom used it for 2 months then put it in a drawer and bought an iPad.
I used it for 2 weeks then it wouldn't charge
I cut it open the cable but all the wires were connected (maybe a dry solder) but wouldn't take charge even when it said it was. Samsung 30 pin is also really hard to find anywhere but the internet. I can get an apple cable for $5 at coles.
If you have researched this you will see that Apple cables just don't fit Samsung. I have a very easy way

Step 2: But Apple Won't Fit?

I saw on eBay there was a cable that could be used one way for Apple and if you turn it over it worked for Samsung
After searching ages on the net saying it can't be done I saw a Spanish video on utube. I don't take great pictures but if you look at the port on my tablet there are two copper prongs on each side

Once I bent them the apple charger for straight in upside down

Not only did it start charging but after a couple of minutes it went from dead to 8%

Hope this helps

First instructable I'll try to put better pics tomorrow
Much easier than Resoldering or waiting for an obsolete cable to come through the mail



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    Thanks! Here's a closeup of the modified port. I used a small flat screwdriver to fold, break and remove the little metal pieces that block you from putting the iPod cable in upside down. Works perfectly!


    My USB current meter says that I'm maxing out at 500mA. Tried a bunch of different cables and I am using the original 2A Samsung charging block. Still, better than nothing till my new cable comes from China.

    Looking forward to the updated pics!