Apple Box to Walking Boot Carrier in 5mins (an End to Mud in the Back of Your Car and Stinky Boots in an Old Plastic Bag)





Introduction: Apple Box to Walking Boot Carrier in 5mins (an End to Mud in the Back of Your Car and Stinky Boots in an Old Plastic Bag)

This Instructable is for you, if you go hill walking a lot and have muddy boots and have ever suffered from any the following:
  • Muddy Boots rolling around in the back of your car.
  • The plastic bag which either rips, because it's cheap, or your boots are so large they hardly fit.
  • You leave your boots in the plastic bag after the tip - only to return weeks later to find they have gone really sweaty and horrible, or worse still they have damaged the leather/fabric.
  • Regretted seeing Apple Boxes thrown away :(
(It also means you/your local supermarket will not need to trash a good solid box...Earth Day points to you!).

- Walking Boots
- 1 Apple Box (which your walking boots can fit into on their side).
- A Knife/Scissors.
- A Pencil.
- [optional], glue/tape/zip-tie.
- 5 Mins. Probably less. In fact it probably takes longer to read my overly detailed Instructable!

- Special Tools
- Fancy skills with cardboard (though you can visit Design Modelling, if you would like them).

Anyway – read on for ingenious cardboard solution to walking boot storage and how YOU can make one too…

Step 1: Re-use the Recycling - Get a Box

Grab a box from your recysling (or your neighbours), (or a supermarket).

Check your boots fit in the side - as show.

Step 2: Cut the Sides & Make a Fold

Cut down the sides of the box, in the middle, as shown. 

Make a fold in the middle. Either
- by just bending it with force.
- by cutting out a little fillet of card, as shown.... make sit easier to bend.

Step 3: [Optional] - Fix Sides Together

If you like, you could join the sides together more securely.

I used a Zip-Tie, but you could use tape or glue, etc.

Step 4: Make a Handle

Measure out a comfortable handle side.

Cut out carefully, through both sides.

Step 5: Trim Off Excess Cardboard

Tidy it up a bit.

Because you're a Pro.

Step 6: You're Done! (so Make One for Your Friends Too!)

Spread the cardboard Earth-Day excitement!

If you'd like to learn more Cardboard skills, please check out Design Modelling - Techniques.

Or take a look at my Cardboard Raspberry Pi Case - Instructable.

Thanks for taking a look, let me know how you get on.




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Thanks for the inspiration! Brought an apple-box home from the discounter the other day and build a nice transporter-box for my shoes today.


Haha - many thanks for the reply! I was beginning to wonder if this I'ble was useful to anyone other than myself. Glad it helped.

That said - do check out the Boombox, which was part of a Kickstarter project in case you are feeling like something more technical!

Don*t worry, it is really useful! I showed it to some friends and everybody was amazed. Demand for apple-boxes will rise!

Thanks for the link. I also found your card-box Pi-case and will definitely build one !

Love it! I sadly don't have the muddy boot problem as frequently these days, but i sure wish I did. This would be a great project for a boy scout troop!

Shame... you might find some more 'indoors' activities at this event I did:
Still using cardboard. Thanks for the comment =)

*I sure wish i did have that problem*