Step 10: Preheat the oil

Attach your candy thermometer to a deep baking dish (or large pot).

Fill your baking dish with 2" of oil and heat over a burner on a medium flame. Your goal is to heat the oil to between 350 and 375 degrees.

While the oil heats, you can cut out your doughnuts (see step 11).

It will be good tasty.
limpport4 years ago
I bet you 100% that the donuts you used to get were not fried in vegie oil. Yuck.

If you want them to taste even better, use lard. You can't get a better flavor out of a donut without using lard to fry them.
KahlZun5 years ago
What's 350-375 in Celcius?
nathan421005 years ago
It is. When deep frying things the oil should be a maximum of 1/3 of the pan (1/3 oil, 2/3 air) and the pan should be deep as well. a pasta pot usually works well with this.