There are commercial alternatives to this table but they tend to be rather pricey. Making it yourself with save you some money and of course be much more fun. The project will probably take about 3 hours to complete. Maybe a little more if you have to work on the crates before they are presentable.

Step 1: Go Shopping

Before getting started you probably need to go shopping. This is what you need.

1. Four crates
2. Spare wood or one extra crate for material
3. Wood tint for the base. Try to match the color of the crates but it doesn't have to be perfect. The base will be underneath.
4. Mounting angles (see later steps)
5. Short furniture/bed legs

it's amazing but can't you tell us how to make it in that color in video https://youtu.be/i2jz_97ysA4 see the video please and see the color..
Sorry, I don't know about that color. I guess you have to take inspiration from the video and make your own project out of it.
<p>I would love to have the sizes of the boxes, I&acute;m from Brazil so we don&acute;t have the same crates!! I&acute;m planning to built one for my mother!! If you could send me measurement of the crates I would make a happy mom!!!</p>
Made one myself and can't thank you enough for the able!
<p>Hi, Where did you get the crates from?</p>
<p>This was easy to make and looks pretty good. If you're looking to do this, go to a consignment store or antique store and you'll be able to find what you're looking for. </p>
<p>I make tons of stuff out of pallets and if you cant find apple crates they're super easy to make. I just spent the day making some actually. I'll have to do an Instructable.</p>
<p>Did you ever make a &quot;Instructable&quot; on how to make the apple crates?</p>
<p>I really like the way this looks. Very rustic. I was wondering where you got the crates from?!</p><p>Thanks</p>
<p>I used your Instructable to make this last night with my <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/ben+maisel/" target="_blank">dad</a> (and my dog, haha) although we did change the way the bottom was put together, as you can see in the picture. I just got a 10 foot long 2 x4 and had it cut into 5 equal pieces at the hardware store and put them together by laying 3 in one direction and then stacking the other 2 in the other direction. This had the added benefit of making the table a bit taller, which I wanted. I also put casters on it to make it easier to move around. I actually wanted to put even bigger ones on it, but they were twice as much as these ones. Anyways, I still have to stain it, as you can see in the picture, but overall it came out great! I might also eventually get a piece of glass to put on the top and put some LEDs in the center part!</p>
Very beautiful! What are the cylinders you put in one of the compartments?
Thanks! The cylinders are some sort of building material. It's like a hollow brick.I don't know the proper name. Wine bottles fit nicely :-)
Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

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