The apples looked so good in the store yesterday. And they passed the dent test and the price was good.

But these apples are terrible. Mealy, soft and thick-skinned and almost cooked-tasting. Blekh. Not that cooked apple taste is bad but it is all wrong when you take that first ambitious bite of a fresh, and ultimately deceptive, pomme. And like poor deceived Eve I am suddenly aware that I haven't put on pants yet today. We'd better make some apple crisp!

Step 1: Breakfast, Dessert. Lunch, Dessert. Dinner, Dessert.

You can serve apple crisp any time. And it really keeps well so it is best to make a lot, as long as you're bothering. The best part is that there are only 100 calories per serving! But we'll get to that later.

Ingredients that needn't be precise: Relax and this won't hurt.

Some apples (I used 8) -- $1
Sugar-- around 1 cup -- $0.50
Flour-- around 1.5 cups -- $0.30
Cinnamon-- quantity determined by you -- $0.05
Oats-- about  1.5 cups --$0.40
Drippy lemon juice -- $0.70
A palmful of grated Coconut or none if you'd prefer -- $0.25
Secret Molasses -- $0.10 (What does DDC mean by 'secret'?)
Butter-- 1 cup -- $1.25
Dash Vanilla -- $?

= $3.10. You could go as high as $4 if you splurged on apples.  But if I had splurged I would have just eaten them whole. Catch 22? Never read it.

Zone out while you peel and cut the apples. You might use wine to help lose track of time. I know a girl who swears by benzodiazepines. But me, I just ask one of the kids what they dreamed about last night. Instant cognitive flat-line, with just enough brain activity to keep me from accidentally peeling my hands!

Sprinkle a couple Tbsp or so of sugar over these. You should squeeze half a lemon over them to get the sugar started. Also, add some cinnamon, brush a pinch of salt over them, add some cinnamon and a half a stick of butter.

Stir the apples around and let the sugar do its thing- stripping the juice out of the apples- while you follow the next page. This keeps them from being mushy and is a critical step.

wow this is making me hungy - it looks delicious!
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I didn't realize apple crisp was expensive to make in the first place lol. Nice job on the instructables, lot's of great pictures.

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