Picture of Apple Delight
This is a rather healthy dessert that kids seem to love. Cracked wheat or whole wheat berries aren't used as much as they should be in the U.S. but they are a staple in the Mediterranean and Mid-East. My local super market only carried one variety and it was labeled as taboule a very tasty mid-eastern salad, it was in the rice and dried beans section.
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Step 1: Shopping

Picture of shopping
This isn't exactly a cheap dessert but it's not really a wallet buster either, here's what I used, feel free to substitute different dried fruits and or juices. Wheat berries require longer cooking/soaking and the only place I can get them is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay across town

  one box of taboule
  One bag of dried apples
  one bag of golden raisins
  one bag of dried cranberries
  small bag of crushed pecans
  mini marshmallows
  apple cider
  brown sugar
  honey ( a natural preservative)
  salt  YES salt, it helps bring out the sweetness

Step 2: Lets get started

Picture of lets get started
In a large bowl or medium sauce pan combine approximately 1/4 cup of brown sugar, 2 tablespoons of honey, teaspoon of ground cinnamon (or one cinnamon stix) and a couple grinds of salt (about a half teaspoon) and 3 cups of apple cider or juice, bring to a rapid simmer then remove from heat ( I used the microwave) while the liquid is heating chop the dried apples to smaller pieces

Step 3: Cook?

Picture of cook?
remove the liquid from the heat and add your cup of cracked wheat, cover and set in the refrigerator until cool and the liquid has been absorbed.about an hour.  In a separate container add about a cup of apple cider/juice to the chopped dried apples and microwave for 2minutes ( or bring the juice to a simmer and add to the apples) allow to cool covered in the refrigerator.
Awesome! I just love apples!
l8nite (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
this is definitely appley ! thank you for commenting