Step 3: Gutting the Floppy Drive

Picture of Gutting the Floppy Drive
The drive has a lot of heft to it! When I bought it, I thought, "This is gonna make a great project box for something."

I ended up removing most of the drive's internals, but kept the door lock mechanism intact, as I intended to use the flip of the lock as the ON/OFF switch.

See the pictures for more details on the gutting/cleaning process
nitrozoom4 years ago
Great instructable. BTW you can also erase old marker by tracing it with a dry erase marker and wiping off. I do this all the time on old NES games. Usually tracing several times will clean it right up.
Alex Moon6 years ago
you should have bought a broken one off of ebay and sold this if it was working. they are very rare now. cool hack though I like the use of the flip lock good idea and classy looking.