Picture of Apple Ibook G3 battery repair
My mac book is working fine, but the battery will not change and the power meter, on the battery, don't work.
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Step 1: What the problem could be

Picture of What the problem could be
I wanted to check if the battery was really dead. I knew there is a circuit board inside, to regulate and monitor the battery temperature.

Here is how to open it and possibly fix the problem.

I must tell you , this laptop suffered from a shorted out wire before this problem. I had to replace the power cable, inside the computer, between the screen and the power supply.

I had heard of people on the web, replacing there batteries with the same problem. Before trowing out that battery, or exchanging it from a refurbishing place, have a look at the fuse.

Step 2: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
You will need a special screw driver. it looks like a Phillips head, but it only has 3 branches instead of 4. it is sometimes referred as a Tri-wing or trigram screwdriver.

I got the screwdriver for a few dollars on the web on eBay.
the model is 360/ X50 from yaxun

look up eBay for Tri-wing trigram screwdriver

Step 3: Take the screws off the

Picture of Take the screws off the
Remove the battery from the laptop

Remove the 2 tri-wing screws using the special screwdriver I mentions before.

Step 4: Remove the cover

Picture of Remove the cover
The cover is slightly glued on and has some snaps. Pull on it lightly without braking any of them.

Step 5: Remove the board

Picture of Remove the board
the control board can be partly remove. no need to take it our completely

Step 6: Locating the fuse

Picture of Locating the fuse
The fuse is located on the right bottom of the board in this picture. If you have a volt meter, set it on continuity and see if the fuse is blown.

If the fuse is actualy blown, un solder it, and replace for a new one.

I sourced it at Digikey, the part number is F2891CT-ND .
It's a 7V 32V fast type

Step 7: Put the battery back together

Picture of Put the battery back together
Once the fuse is replaced, you can test it by pressing the test button on the bottom of the battery pack.
Of course, if your battery is totally dead. The LED will not turn on.

In that case you will have to charge it a bit after reassembling it.

Put back the battery in reverse order.
You say "mac book" in the intro, when it's really an iBook.
ironsmiter6 years ago
when you have it apart... might as well go the extra step and clean up the rosin flux residues. You'll have someof your own, but it looks like apple's outsourced contractor did NOTHING to clean up after themselves :-)