I am a Macolyte, I made a Apple Logo Glow Light, it uses legos, LEDs, and an Apple sticker.
*** I am not endorsing Apple and Lego, nor do i work for either of them, this was a just for fun project!*** 

Here are the parts that were used in this project:

Apple sticker,
4-10 - White LED's, ( any color will work)
1 piece of Translucent plastic
Black Electrical Tape
Solder wick
Solder iron
9 volt battery
330 ohm resistor
Hot Glue,
Hot glue Gun

Lets get started!

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Step 2: Apply the Electrical tape to make the Apple Logo the only thing that lights up

 The black tape provides the dark surface that will surround the Logo to provide a pathway for the lights to shine through...

*** Quick note***
Make sure you keep the black tape from covering any part of the White Logo itself, otherwise, you will have to deal with dark areas!!!

Step 4: Solder LEDs and other components

Picture of Solder LEDs and other components
 Take the LED leads and form them into a solderable pattern that can be manipulated easily.
put resistor on positive leads, and solder the negative battery wire to the negative leads. its only safe to have 1 resistor per four LEDs, if you want more LEDs, consider more resiststors.

Step 6: Hot glue LEDs and apply finishing pieces of legos for housing

 test the LED circuit for shorts or bad LEDs,
when done, apply hot gue to Legos and push the LEDs into the hot glue.
put remaining pieces on the housing.
I would have painted the legos black first so that it would all look the same but it is a great idea
007dna5 years ago
 Cool Idea.
led235 (author)  007dna4 years ago
yeah, legos were the easiest way to build this thing, my origional idea was to make this a kids night light, so i melted the legos where each joined each other for stability
Morriscow4 years ago
 ima make one for the back of mah iphone
led235 (author)  Morriscow4 years ago
go ahead, it may be a bit too big though, like give the phone 3-4 inches more depth
led235 (author) 5 years ago
 Thanks for checking out this instructable!
007dna led2354 years ago
 Oh, yeah! I think I might build this, but with cardboard instead of Legos. I really like Legos though, so....