Step 2: Opening NES controller

Picture of Opening NES controller
Take the NES controller and remove the 6 screws behind it. Don't lose the screws. Open it, and you'll face a green PCB, a chip and a cable. Don't be afraid of mid-80's technology, it is pretty simple

In this step, we are going to :
- Desolder the chip on the PCB
- Cut & desolder the cable
- Modify some of the case

Pictures :
1 and 2. Front and back of the simple PCB.
3. The top controller is unmodified and the bottom one if the modified case. I used my dremel tool to cut the plastic.
4. Other part of the NES case.
bruc4 years ago
Awesome project, planning on doing the same but with this for my linux: http://tinyurl.com/3ksx8l3

For the desoldering do I have to use the pump thing or can I just heat it up and yank the cable out? Like is it necessary to have it go through the holes?
Agurri (author)  bruc4 years ago
To remove the cable, you can heat of the solder and yank the cable, yes.

But, to solder back the remote's wires, it's going to be easier, more solid, and sturdier if you solder back the wires INTO the holes, instead ON the holes. I think that's what your question. Id you don't have a pump, you can get one on ebay for cheap, or get some copper brass... it'll do the trick wonderfully