Step 5: Modify the Apple Remote

Picture of Modify the Apple Remote
Now that we have uncover the Apple Remote, we need to do some modifications.

1. Modify the battery section.
2. Modify the IR LED wires.

First, you'll need to modify the battery. Right now, it takes too much place and it's too 'rigid' to take place in the controller. So, you need to desolder the current battery holder. As you can see on the second picture, I made wires shaped in T. After soldering both wires on the board, I hooked up the battery and electric taped it. In the third picture, it is shown how I protected the positive side of touching the negative side. When you'll fix it to the remote, make sure the connections are good and steady.

(05/18/2008) EDIT : You have to make sure the wires going to the battery are connected hard to it. If not, the remote won't work... I only used electric tape, but I think some hot glue would do the trick. Just make sure the connections are steady.

(05/18/2008) EDIT 2 : Well... electric tape wasn't enough. I didn't glue the wires to the battery, but instead I put a little piece of plastic on the top the battery... so the NES controller's PCB pushes it down, keeping the wires on the battery.

Second, since the hole where the IR LED is going to be is far, we need to desolder the IR LED and add some wires. 2 things : 1. Watch out for the polarity. In my picture, black wire = negative. 2. Again take longer-than-needed wires so, at worst, you'll just have to cut and re-solder.