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Introduction: Apple Pi

This video illustrates using Virtual Network Computing (VNC) to Control a Raspberry Pi with an iPhone. The Pi runs the Raspian Wheezy OS and has a VNC server installed by the terminal command "sudo apt-get install tightvncserver".  The VNC server is configured to start automatically on Pi powerup by the following terminal commands:  "wget" ; "sudo mv tightvncserver-init.txt /etc/init.d/tightvncserver" ; "sudo chown root:root /etc/init.d/tightvncserver" ; "sudo chmod 755 /etc/init.d/tightvncserver" ; and "sudo update-rc.d tightvncserver defaults".  The iPhone becomes the VNC client by using the free app "Mocha VNC Lite".  In this configuration, the Pi does not need an external monitor, keyboard or mouse -- all these functions are performed by the iPhone.



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    sounds like a good idea! too bad that the video is marked private (even when logged in).

    The video is private

    Thanks for the instructible ipad was perfect for it .

    your not actually seeing the physical display (the one being sent to a tv) your seeing and controlling a virtual display.
    If you want to see and control what goes to a connected TV then you need to use port 5900. or -display :0
    i use x11vnc because it will allow the client vnc to connect to port 5900 and actually control the pi

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    Thanks for the tip. The point of using VNC in this case is to eliminate the connected TV and control the Pi without a physical keyboard and mouse, by control and monitoring wirelessly from the iPhone. This illustrated method does exactly that. I would also like to experiment with port 5900 and -display :0 so thank you for pointing out those alternatives.

    Thanks for this instructible! Could use instructions on getting IP address and setting tightvncserver password for us newbies ;)

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    Thanks for mentioning these items.

    To obtain the IP address of your Pi, open the Terminal and type "ifconfig" ; the IP address will appear in the second line of the output as "inet addr: XX.X.X.XX".

    To set the password, after running "sudo apt-get install tightvncserver" and before configuring the auto-start, enter the following into the terminal:
    "sudo vncserver :1 -geometry 960x640 -depth 24" (the 960x640 is the native resolution of an iPhone 4 which I am using -- set these values to the proper resolution of your device).

    This will prompt you to enter a password to access your desktops. Enter a password twice in the Password and Verify prompts as follows (it will truncate to 8 digits automatically)

    Would you like to enter a view-only password (y/n)? n"

    your welcome it took me two days to figure it out.
    i dont have a compatible mouse so i use vnc to control the mouse pointer from my laptop.

    i couldn't get tightvnc to work with port 5900, but x11vnc does without any problems.