Simple and easy to make

Step 1: Ingredents

8 cups Apple Juice; 8 cups Apple Cider; 1 jar McCormick Cinnamon Sticks;  1 1/4 cup Brown Sugar; 3/4 cup Brown Sugar; Apples; 2 1/2 cups Everclear.

Step 2: You Will Need

5 qt pot; measuring cups, masion jars, funnel to fill jars

Step 3: Add to Pot

Add the Apple Juice, Apple cider, White Sugar, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon Sticks ....  Stir and bring to a boil.

Step 4: Bring to a Boil

Bring to a rapid boil for approx. 5-7 minutes.    Then remove from heat and let COMPLETELY COOL to room temperature.

Step 5: Add the Everclear

Make sure it has COOLED COMPLETELY DOWN before you add the Everclear. If you do not you will boil out some of the alcohol.

Step 6: Filling Jars

At this time when you are filling the jars you can add one of the cinnamon sticks or apple slices to each jar or not.
yes home made shine is the only way ever clear does give most a head ache. I just recently started using my buddy shine he make, and it make a huge difference. Much better.
hockey3535 , <br>Pls , what ingredient did he leave out ? <br>Thanks..vm
he probably didn't leave anything out, he would have chucked the heads (the first part out of the still) away which has the methanol in it which is the primary cause of hangovers (you still get them from the rest of the alcohol but more so from methanol). due to the large batches the bonded industry make they don't often get to throw them away so they just mix it all in.
<p>I think you mean ethanol. If you drank methanol... you would most definitely die...</p>
<p>i think you need to read my comment, I said throw the heads away which contain the Methanol </p>
<p>Always seemed to me, that it's the sugar stuff that gives the headaches. Not the hootch, by itself.</p>
<p>The ingredients that I believe it was meant to be where:<br><br>8 Cups Apple Juice<br>8 Cups Apple Cider<br>1 Jar Cinnamon Sticks<br>1 1/4 Cup Brown Sugar<br>3/4 Cup White Sugar<br>Apples<br>2 1/2 cups Everclear<br><br><br>I did my batch that way and it came out awesome. I did tweak a couple of things that made the mix taste richer in the apple pie flavor. <br></p>
<p>Looks good! If you use apple concentrate instead of the apple juice, you dilute the everclear less. I'm also going to put in a couple cups of spiced rum in as well, maybe more brown sugar and no white.</p>
<p>what exactly did you tweak to make it taste richer i would really like to get my batch just right </p>
<p>Nutmeg and cloves help with the Apple pie flavor.</p>
Try adding vanilla vodka to it as well.
<p>Reading the recipe it mentions white first so I would assume the first measurement is white sugar</p>
can we clear on the sugars plz
Awesome, though I used more alcohol/vodka in it to get a bit more &quot;umph&quot; ;)
you have 2 measurements of Brown sugar witch one is for the white sugar
Y'all don't get hung up on real or not, legal or not..... distilling your own - unlicensed is illegal period. Mixing your own and selling it is illegal period. Make it, enjoy it with your friends period. Cheers
looks like it's almost complete.. how long do you let it sit? And I can't follow the recipe with the missing formula.. any help would be rad!! ty
<p>I let mine sit in a 60degree cave for about a month, before its consumed.</p>
this isn't moonshine, it's diluted everclear. No moonshine is not illegal to make. It's illegal to sell it without government approval. You can make X amount without any anything.
<p>You might want to double check that. Beer and wine, sure, that's true, but Distilled spirits, requires federal oversight, and a hefty fee, plus collection of taxes, and major headaches. </p>
&quot;Moonshine&quot; is meant tongue-in-cheek.
not true...moonshine is traditionally distillation, distillation is not legal. I had a 2 year stint of obsessing with homebrew alcohol and picked that up on the forums.
It would have been great to see step by step in actually Making apple moonshine. Not just mixing apple juice and grain alcohol together.
actual moonshine making is actually illegal. this is the closest you will get
You can be licensed to make and sell real Moonshine, but only with Government over sight and following all their regulations. You have to take several months to get the proper applications in, and approved. Hard to do, but it can be done.
<p>If it's taxed, and legal, it may be corn liquor, but it ain't 'shine.</p>
And a 200,000 dollar bond... <br>
oh i know this already. that is what i was explaining to my dad.
build a still and make it, I have an instructable on building 2 types of still and making rum and gin, I have made corn based sour mash before and to be honest I didn't think it was all that. <br> <br>check out my instructables if your really interested in making your own, also check out www.homedistiller.org
how bout you call this appleclear pie cuz some of us have real stills n make real shine apple pie
<p>City slickers want to think they are drinking 'shine. Who cares what they call it, so long as they ain't selling it as the real thing. Let 'em believe what they may.</p><p>Personally, I prefer my hootch be enjoyed straight. That's why I use Everclear, when folks expect Apple pie. Who wants their hootch spoiled by all that fruit?</p>
<p>My version of this recipe, is 2 gallons apple cider, 2 gallons Apple juice, 1 cup white sugar, 1 cup brown sugar, 20 cinnamon sticks, 1-Tbsp nutmeg, 1-Tbsp Ground cloves, 3-1.75 L Everclear, 1-1.75 L Mellow Corn Bonded Corn Liquor. Otherwise, the same recipe, made the same, should garner a product in the 80 proof range. This is a &quot;get you tore up, from the floor up&quot; recipe.</p>
I like to use a half pint or more of captain Morgans spiced rum.. It's damn good..
I also add a half pint Captain Morgans spiced rum.. It gives it a nice taste..
The best way I've found to make this taste the best since &quot;Moonshine&quot; is illegal and if yo nd a a from a friend, is to add a half pint of captain Morgans spiced rum and don't add any alcohol until everything is completely cooled... I also think letting it sit for
<p>You could also add a couple of cloves and a few pinches of allspice to enhance the flavor.</p>
<p>Last time I had homemade 'shine pie it had a cinnamon stick, a slice of apple, and one of lemon in the jar, too. I didn't make it. I just drank it. I think.</p>
<p>Oh. <br>And thanks for putting it together as an Instructable. Even if some people think it's imperfect, your effort serves as a helpful place for information, debate, and suggestions. And more recipes.</p>
You have brown sugar twice and no white sugar in the instructions
How long do you let the everclear steep in the mason jars before serving?
Wow. Such critique. This is just pencil4's version. Everybody has different versions of recipes. I always take a recipe and change or add ingredients to make it my own. I look at recipes as inspirations. Thanks for posting, pencil4!
I can say from personal experience that this stuff tastes awesome :-) Nice job!
Great instructable, though as someone else pointed out it looks like you meant to put &quot;white sugar&quot; in place of one of the brown sugars in the ingredients list.<br> <br> We made some apple pie earlier in the year, and it turned out great (though I don't remember the recipe we used). One thing that we did do different was leave out the alcohol completely until it was ready to be served. This allowed our party-goers to spike to taste (I can handle a lot more alcohol taste than most others, so this made sense). This also worked well when we decided to serve it hot by keeping the apple pie &quot;base&quot; in a crock-pot to keep it warm - we didn't have to worry about any of the alcohol boiling off!
Mines better because I use actual shine.. some people get a headache from the Everclear. they should have a contest who makes the best apple pie shine ... id go
wouldnt recommend useing this recipe to make apple pies shot ur sapose to boil for at least an hour or till the cinnamon stix begin to open up then u know the bouling processes it done. Lest out a ton of steps and ingredients.
left out a lot of steps and you dont need regular suger there is already a ton of suger in apple juice. The brown sugar is really the only sugar u should use, and u for got one main ingredient.
sorry men, but how many do need from the brown and white sugar, because you wrote twice brown sugar
I belive he ment 1 1/4 cup of white sugar
great instructable. thanks for making it

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