Picture of Apple Pie Moonshine
First off, you will need a very large stock pot.  I believe the one I'm using is something like 2.5-3 gallons and you can see how full it is.

1 gallon apple juice
1 gallon apple cider
3 cups sugar
8 cinnamon sticks

Combine all the above ingredients in the large stock pot. Stir well.  Bring the pot to a boil.  Reduce heat and simmer for 1 hour.  Remove from heat and let cool to room temperature (very important unless you want to burn your house down).  Add 1 liter of Everclear.

Jar or bottle up.  Be careful, this is very potent stuff.
Out of curiosity, how exactly is it potent? I mean sure it is alcohole and sugar, bound to do it's magic quickly, my question is rather whether it is meant to ferment or ready to be consumed like that. Maybe I'm just too used to fermenting things myself... Either way, it sounds delicious.

The way I make this it is indeed "potent" and if you don't age it, it tastes as potent as it is. If you let it age for 1-2 weeks, you can barely tell there is any alcohol in it at all, taste wise. But I don't think the sugar ferments.

Paesan (author)  Dominic Bender2 years ago
Its strong stuff and will knock you on your rear if you aren't careful. It doesn't have a very strong alcohol flavor which makes it kind of dangerous if you start chugging. No this recipe is meant to be consumed as is....however I was told there is something that can be added to it to ferment it for a couple months.
XaqFixx Paesan2 years ago
The addition of high proof spirits will slow down or prevent any fermentation, so you have to add the everclear (or Moonshine, or strong whiskey) at the end of the process, not the begging.
If you want to ferment something you have several great options:
You can ferment apple cider, apple juice, and sugar (or Honey) by adding some form of brewers yeast (Champagne and Ale yeasts work well but impart different flavors. Wyeast even makes a cider yeast)
Fermented unfiltered pressed apple juice is Cider (or Hard Cider in the US), when you add a fermentable sugar you have apfelwine,using honey instead of sugar makes cyser.
After fermentation is complete you can freeze distill it and make traditional applejack this process is called 'Jacking' or you can make brandy by evaporative distillation and aging for at least 2 years in Toasted French Oak barrels. (commercial Applejack is just unaged Brandy, similar to Eau de vie).

Let me know if you have any questions about the fermented apple beverages, I would love to help.
kfields42102 months ago
chris.yanda.95 months ago
Do you put the ever clear in after it cools or while it is cooking ??
Paesan (author)  chris.yanda.95 months ago

After is it at room temp, otherwise you are likely to have a fire.

sumowelder6 months ago
How can i get the finished product to a higher proof? I can only by 151 proof Everclear. Should i add 2 bottles? Im trying to get it over a 100 proof.
johnc278 months ago

How exactly is this moonshine? The everclear is made for you.

big dave 20149 months ago
One thing Ive found that is really good with this recipe is adding a half pint of captain morgans spiced rum. It is not over powering but definitely gives it a little more flavor. Also if you are able make enough to sit some to the side for a week at room temperature I think it is a little better..
stonky1 year ago
Hi this all sounds like a fun way to jazz up strong alcohol. I live in the uk were I can buy "scrumpy" cider from the farm, I don't think scrumpy has a long shelf life. Would that make the drink sour or make it go bad? Great insructable thanks
stoobers stonky11 months ago

Adding everclear to the scrumpy raise the alcohol level and preserve the scrumpy.

Drinking scrumpy will put hair on your chest. Adding everclear to scrumpy will make the hair part down the middle.

Paesan (author)  stonky1 year ago
I'm not really familiar with that type of cider.

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SuanneG1 year ago

I have heard that you can jar this up and store it for a long period of time. I heard that the longer you store this the sweeter it gets. Is this true or not?

Paesan (author)  SuanneG1 year ago
Since it is alcohol I would say room temp should be ok. But for me, I store my in my 2nd fridge in quart mason jars.
Paesan (author)  SuanneG1 year ago

From my experience you can. I make this in multiple batches and store it. Not sure, but it might get sweeter. Personally I think it tastes the same.

SuanneG Paesan1 year ago

Thankyou for the help!

do you need to store it in cold area such as a fridge or can you store it in a room temp dark area?

This is not Moonshine this is what they call sugarshine. It may burn when drank but not close to moonshine. There are not many people that can make real shine.
whats your interpretation of "real shine"

"Real shine" is corn left to sprout, then put in a barrel with yest to "work" then it is heated in a still. Next, through the process of evaporation it is turned in to well, alcohol steam then it is sent through a thumper. This consists of a barrel with the pipe coming into it that almost reaches the bottom and a pipe leading out of it at the top. This allows any particles that came out with the steam to be expelled from it. Then, the steam proceeds through the exit pipe. The next stage is the worm. The worm is a piece of copper pipe turned into a circular radiator, basically. the worm sits in a barrel filled with cold water, this condenses the steam to alcohol. This is how "real shine" is made, sir.

Paesan (author)  country survivor1 year ago

That's sour mash moonshine, there are a ton of different types out there.

lots of sugar water, yeast and fermented 10 times.

rhodog471 year ago
the liquor store didnt have a liter of everclear so i had to get 2 fifths. and its 151, should i add both or 1 1/2?
Paesan (author)  rhodog471 year ago
That is completely up to you and how strong you want it. I suggest starting with 1 liter for your very first batch so you can see what it tastes like and how strong to you it is. After that tweak it to fit your taste.
yutzzz1 year ago
Very Sweet! I made this with 250 ML Un-aged Brandy (freshly distilled wine.) I cut the recipe down to 1/4. The brandy originally had a very "red wine" sour smell to it. Using this as a proofing agent for the brandy worked great! The wine smell was only noticeable in large gulps. I will try this with real corn whiskey next week. Thanks for the easy to follow instructable!
mikeg1030022 years ago
with the 190 proof everclear this would wind up around 10 to 11%, so its not too potent. slightly lower abv than an average wine. Still, sounds delicious.
Paesan (author)  mikeg1030022 years ago
When doing some tests, it is a much higher alcohol percent. Some of the original apple juice and cider evaps or cooks down.
Paesan (author)  mikeg1030022 years ago
Yup you are correct. What makes this dangerous is that from everyone that I know that has had this has said you barely taste any alcohol (I agree with them all) and these go down way to easy. Next thing you know, you can't walk. =D
CaseyCase2 years ago
Shucks! I don't have Everclear, can I substitute moonshine?
Paesan (author)  CaseyCase2 years ago
Of course.
R-2 years ago
I used to make this occasionally but I had to use vodka (no access to either Everclear or moonshine).

Delicious stuff