Step 8: Enjoy

Enjoy the fruits of your labor. You will only want to actually cook as many as you plan to eat, as they get soggy and don't reheat well.
I have this knife now, it was saved and sharpened last week! Ha Ha!!!
That. Looks. Delicious.
.. and good luck in saving the knife. I'd hate to be guy (most likely culprit) who gets tagged with that crime against cutlery. ;)
I'd think reheating them by pan-toasting or even re-frying them would be a little more successful than popping them in the microwave, much like reheating pizza slices on the stove top is superior to microwaving them.
These look awesome... I may have to have a go... welldone and I hope you can salvage your good knife!<br><br>High five for you!

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