Apple Pi(e) Tarts


Step 3: Cut Out The Dough

Picture of Cut Out The Dough
Next, pack the dough into two balls. Take out a piece of waxpaper, and slightly flour it. Put a dough ball on the paper, and then put another piece of waxpaper on top of it. Then take a rolling pin and rool out the dough until you get the dough thin. Then, cut rectangles the size of a poptart. It really depends on how big or small you want the poptarts, but you don't want it too small. I made mine roughly 3 by 5 inches. I was able to make six rectangles (which makes 3 poptarts) with a little extra dough. I also made my poptarts a little thick, because I wanted an even balance of dough and filling. Prepare a cookie sheet by slightly greasing it so the pie dough doesn't stick. Then, place the cut out rectangles of dough about half an inch away from each other.
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