Step 8: Finish and Enjoy

You are finished! Put the pi tarts on a plate to cool off for a little, and then enjoy! They taste delicious, so make sure to share. Mmmmm... What's better than pie and math?

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Good idea!
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Yo Dawg
I love this ible! Very nice! I might make this the next time my son comes or when I go see him.
Thank you!
You are welcome!
Nothing wrong with Ible but the visual &quot;end result&quot; is un-appetising (doesn't look cooked), so It will stop people looking further. An egg wash (whipped egg and a drop of milk) would help the pastry brown and there is no reason you couldn't glaze as before.
Thanks. Good idea!
I voted! Great instructable!
I changed the front picture. Feedback, anyone?
I quite liked the original picture your had. Good idea :) Portable apple pie.
Thanks. I thought the problem with the original picture is that no one new what the instructable was based off of the picture.
You were right. The current picture is much better, as an introduction.
Great minds think alike.

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