Apple Pie in the Apple

Picture of Apple Pie in the Apple
My mother sent me a picture of this delicious encapsulated dessert: an apple containing its own spiced innards, capped with a cute lattice-topped pie crust. I had to try it. (And, being me, I looked at a picture but completely neglected the accompanying directions- though skimming them now, I think my way is easier.)

But a week or so went by, and I still hadn't made the pie. I live in a dorm, so I don't have the spice rack I wanted to do it justice. And then one of my suitemates brought in these beautiful, gigantic, delicious-smelling apples. So this evening, I decided it was time. And I made do with what I had around, which turned out to be pretty good after all: I chai-spiced the interior, and improvised a thick espresso crust.

When I set out to make this, I was really just going for the visual effect. But I've been so much more pleased with the flavor and consistency of the pie. It is the baked apple, reinvented. The taste is sweet, fresh, natural, healthy even. And it was surprisingly easy to do. A++, will cook again.
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
Pie Crust (here's the one I normally make, but I improvised this one- more on that in the Crust step)

Step 2: Take the Top Off

Picture of Take the Top Off
Score a smallish hole at the top of the apple.
Use a smaller knife than the one I've pictured, if you can.
Carve a conical section out, so that you can remove the top.

Step 3: Scoop it Out

Picture of Scoop it Out
Use a combination of a small knife and a spoon to scoop out the interior of the apple.
Spoon the meat of the apple into a bowl, separating out the not-so-delicious seeds and sharp bits of the core.
Be careful not to make the walls of the apple too thin- they are your structural support!
You might find a grapefruit spoon helpful. I didn't have one, but wished I had.

Step 4: Spice the Filling

Picture of Spice the Filling
Add your favorite spices to the scooped-out meat of the apple.
Traditionally, I use a mix of flour, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and lemon juice. Maybe some honey, if your apple isn't already sweet.
Here in my dorm room, I used chai tea & spices, to pretty decent effect.
Mix it all up.

Step 5: Stuff Apple

Picture of Stuff Apple
Spoon your delicious spiced apple chunks back into the apple. You might have to cram them in a little.

Step 6: Add Crust

Picture of Add Crust
Again, I normally make pie crust like this. If you skip to the last step, it has some instructions for weaving a lattice top.

However, I didn't have the ingredients I really wanted to make pie crust, so I made something up. It turned out to be really good:

Espresso "Pie Crust"
Put ~1C flour in a bowl.
Open up about six single-serving packets of Promise or some other too-soft-not-actually-butter and cut them into the flour.
Add some sugar and salt- maybe 1/8C sugar, a pinch of salt?
Add about two tablespoons of espresso.
Mix with water until something resembling the right texture (but softer than normal) is achieved.

Top apple with crust. Cut ends to be even, and press them into a defined shape at the bottom.
Like a hat. Sorry, couldn't resist the mustache picture. (If you're interested, Danger is my Middle Name is selling those mustache stickers...)

Step 7: Bake

Picture of Bake
This will depend on the size of your apple, and probably somewhat on your oven.
For mine, 350F for 30 minutes was perfect.
I think you know it's done when the apple begins to split and sizzle at the base.

Step 8: Serve

I think it works best if you cut it into quarters. Then it stays together enough that you can eat it with your hands.
Enjoy your chai-spiced apple pie in an apple topped with espresso crust.
Fancy! Innovative! Tasty!
bwsandman made it!1 month ago
opalz72 years ago
im going to make these for thanks giving!
ehudwill2 years ago
Great idea! I love it.
taransa2 years ago
Awesome! And my golly that is a huge apple :D
Omg, why didn't you tell me you were making these?! It looks awesome!
Renee!2 years ago
Whoa! I never would have thought of that. Cool idea!
chefsea2 years ago
Love it, good work and you have a great mother!
ectadie2 years ago
this is awesome! definitely going to make it this year!
Very clever :)
scoochmaroo2 years ago
poofrabbit2 years ago
Move over Martha Stewart! SelkeyMoonbeam is in the house! Wow, seriously this is awesome well done!
Unbelievably awesome... Featured!