Step 3: Scoop it Out

Use a combination of a small knife and a spoon to scoop out the interior of the apple.
Spoon the meat of the apple into a bowl, separating out the not-so-delicious seeds and sharp bits of the core.
Be careful not to make the walls of the apple too thin- they are your structural support!
You might find a grapefruit spoon helpful. I didn't have one, but wished I had.
<p>Thanks for spending your time to make such a marvelous Dessert and then posting how to do it. It was awesome!!</p><p>~Ben</p>
im going to make these for thanks giving!
Great idea! I love it.
Awesome! And my golly that is a huge apple :D
Omg, why didn't you tell me you were making these?! It looks awesome!
Whoa! I never would have thought of that. Cool idea!
Love it, good work and you have a great mother!
this is awesome! definitely going to make it this year!
Very clever :)
Move over Martha Stewart! SelkeyMoonbeam is in the house! Wow, seriously this is awesome well done!
Unbelievably awesome... Featured!

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