Step 6: Add Crust

Again, I normally make pie crust like this. If you skip to the last step, it has some instructions for weaving a lattice top.

However, I didn't have the ingredients I really wanted to make pie crust, so I made something up. It turned out to be really good:

Espresso "Pie Crust"
Put ~1C flour in a bowl.
Open up about six single-serving packets of Promise or some other too-soft-not-actually-butter and cut them into the flour.
Add some sugar and salt- maybe 1/8C sugar, a pinch of salt?
Add about two tablespoons of espresso.
Mix with water until something resembling the right texture (but softer than normal) is achieved.

Top apple with crust. Cut ends to be even, and press them into a defined shape at the bottom.
Like a hat. Sorry, couldn't resist the mustache picture. (If you're interested, Danger is my Middle Name is selling those mustache stickers...)
<p>Thanks for spending your time to make such a marvelous Dessert and then posting how to do it. It was awesome!!</p><p>~Ben</p>
im going to make these for thanks giving!
Great idea! I love it.
Awesome! And my golly that is a huge apple :D
Omg, why didn't you tell me you were making these?! It looks awesome!
Whoa! I never would have thought of that. Cool idea!
Love it, good work and you have a great mother!
this is awesome! definitely going to make it this year!
Very clever :)
Move over Martha Stewart! SelkeyMoonbeam is in the house! Wow, seriously this is awesome well done!
Unbelievably awesome... Featured!

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