Step 14: Life Hands You Lemons

When life hands you lemons, juice them until you have roughly 2 teaspoons of lemon juice.

You can also grate off some of the lemon peel until you have roughly half a teaspoon to add to the mix.
It's been 5-6 years and I still follow this recipe.
that.... is.... AMAZING! i totally have to make this!
We don't have maple syrup over here, is there something else I could use in its place?
You can probably just leave it out of the recipe (maybe add an extra pinch of sugar or something sweet). I also recommend peeling the apples first, which I didn&#39;t do in the project.<br /> <br /> Where are you that you don&#39;t have maple syrup?<br />
:-) <br> <br>Although, I am making this again this year.
Brasil :)
You must first invent the universe.
Haha Carl Sagan reference FTW!
It really is an amazing tasting&nbsp;pie. Pie is amazing.
&nbsp;holiday hit!
that looks really good!
My dad was wondering if you screwed up when you made this, he said he's never heard of an apple pie without peeled apples.
what's wrong with the peels? they're healthy and turn soft when you bake the pie.
no, they're not. they get stuck in your teeth, and it sucks.
introducing...drum roll please......TOOTHPICKS! *gasp*
And they get stuck in your throat.<br />
not really<br />
Yes. They do.<br />
wow that looks amazingly awesome when i get the ingredients i will make this
great instructable! i've made a similar pie and it tastes great.
to make this instructable better, you should probably put "skip to step 'blah' for the filling" and such.
Yummy! But I was a little worried after reading this, are there really rolly-pollies in it??
I think so?
Blech! >_< My little brother ate 5 rolly-pollies once, when he was really little. Someone bribed him with candy.
apple pie! yes yes yes! this is my favorate food ible hq ible so far! Great work! NOM NOM NOM
*Reaches for 'feature' button, realises lack of featuring power- sighs* Its that good, that not only do i want to make it, it deserves featuring, though i'm guessing one of the -ible minions will find it!
Haha, nice plug Jake. :D
<em>*Reaches for 'feature' button, realizes lack of featuring power- sighs*</em><br/>:D<br/>
ITS APPLE PIE! apple pie is the best.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm you had me at pie:)
Yes, pie sure is fantastic.

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