With this prank when your victim writes your word of choice you can have your message of choice replace what your victim typed!

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Go to General and Then Keyboard.

Step 3: Tap Add Shortcut.

Step 4: Type Desired Message.

Step 5: Or... Maybe Something a Bit More Evil.

You could look up something on Wikipedia and copy and paste... Ehehe

Step 6: Paste.

Step 7: Tada!

Step 8: Enjoy!

<p>Ahaha my sister did it on me, and i thought my ipad was hacked! haha, this prank is really funny</p>
Perfect! I hope you enjoy :)
<p>Thanks to this prank, a friend of mine is now texting a page from the Anarchist's Cookbook every time he says &quot;hia&quot;.</p>
By the way people do read your bio
<p>LOL! Cool.</p>
<p>Put this in the April Fools contest!</p>

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Bio: I'm a &quot; insane kid &quot; (according to my friends) who loves to draw, paint and make nearly anything.
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