Apple Birds





Introduction: Apple Birds

great apple art i learned from Grant Thompson

( )

please check out his stuff for more cool ideas. description to each step is in the notes on each photos. Thanks for learning something new today, who knows what you'll learn tomorrow



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    That looks so cool ! Great job ! :)

    Have you tried using salt / lemon juice to prevent it from turning brown ?

    yep. I use a spray bottle with lemon juice and spritz it down :)

    Awsome ! You've got my vote :)

    I wonder how much more detailed this could go. Is it possible to lasercut an apple? Nice work, I've tried this and its harder than it looks!

    Oh, yeah, I'm sure you could laser cut it, but it might get kind of brown around the edges? Laser etching might work better?

    Well in fairness, I'm sure the apple bird will be brown shortly as well, but there are methods to avoid that.

    Anyone with a laser cutter care to solve this mystery? Will apples get kind of brown around the edges when laser cut?

    Nice work! And I think it's great that you give credit too

    super detailed! Awesome!