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Introduction: Apple IPhone Website Icon Shortcut

Not all websites have iPhone apps. This Instructable will show you how to create an icon on your iPhone for quick navigation to websites. I used the Instructables site as an example (for obvious reasons), but they already have an iPhone app. I should also note that I created this Instructable entirely on my iPhone. I used the built in camera, A+ Signature for text and the Instructables application.

Step 1: Creating Your Shortcut

1. Open the Safari browser.
2. Type the name of the website you would like to use.
3. Choose your site.
4. Press the Action Key located at the bottom of your screen.
5. Press the "Add to Home Screen" button.
6. Give your shortcut an appropriate name and press add.
7. Your icon will now appear on your phone. You now have a quick link to the site of your choice.



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It's nice to be able to create a shortcut and I've read these instructions many times from many others, but I can never find anyone who tells me HOW I can customize the button that is created. I've used another app to create a button but I cannot edit it to add an address (URL) to it. I want to use my custom designed button with a shortcut to my personal webpage. Anyone who can help me please??