Step 5: Final Shots...Tips & Tricks

parting screens and available apps...

This is a list of all of the known Installer sources:

Original Secure

AppTapp Official: repository.apptapp.com
Conceited Software: conceitedsoftware.com/iphone
Ste Packaging: psmxy.org/iphone-apps

Rest of The Crew
HighTymes: hightymes.org/iphone/plist/index.xml (Not Working) Huh
iSwitcher: web.mac.com/iswitcher2/list.xml
Loring Studios: loringstudios.com/iPhone-schnapps/index.xml
BigBoss: markmon.mine.nu:90/iphone/repo/repo.plist
CedSoft: prog.cedsoft.free.fr (iSnake/Bounce)
Death to Design: iphone.deathtodesign.com
iApp-a-Day: iappaday.com/install
R4m0n: iphone.r4m0n.net/repos
Shai’s Apps: ride4.org/shai.xml (Customize Addons)
Slezak’s Stuff: www.spencerslezak.com (nothing on it yet)
Studded: studded.net/installer/index.xml
Surge: iphonesurge.com/iphonesurge.xml
Swell: lyndellwiggins.com/installer/Swell
AlohaSoft 1.0.2: homepage.mac.com/reinholdpenner/102.xml
AlohaSoft 1.1.1: homepage.mac.com/reinholdpenner/111.xml
AlohaSoft 1.1.2: homepage.mac.com/reinholdpenner/112.xml
aXP: lostsoul.aeroxp.org/iphone/index.xml
iBlackjack Beta: patrickmccarron.com/iphone/repo
Imagine09: home.twcny.rr.com/imagine09/Imagine09.xml
Mateo: bblk.net/iphone (BeatPhone)
Mobile Stacks: mobilestack.googlecode.com/svn/repository/internal.plist
MTL: home.mike.tl/iphone

Getting to Safari on Unactivated Phone

1. enter *#307# press call, now use the back button on the top of your screen to remove *#307# , now enter 0 , press call, press answer, press hold, press decline. And you get to the contact list. And thereafter every time you push the homebutton you just slide the "emergency call" slide, then enter 0 , press call, press hold, press decline

2. Push contacts, end call and you get called again, this time hit decline and you access one of menus with favorites, you can edit contacts, do a test ride on keyboard, take photos etc.

3. Now edit a new contact and type in http://jailbreakme.com as web-address.

4. When you tap the address safari opens but only displays an error saying that it cannot access the website, it also looks like safari freezes up.

5. Now press the home button, and for a split second the iPhone shows a screen where you can select wi-fi networks. Now you have to be really quick and select a network before the phone freezes.

6. Next you get Back to the "emergency call page" and every on screen button has frozen so the only thing you can do is turn off the phone.

7. Turn the iPhone off then on again

8. Now you can go back to the contact list by Dialing 0, push call, then answer, then contacts, then hit that web address you typed in.

<p>Dosen't really work mate</p>
It's a decade old buddy...
There is no such thing as an iTouch
Wiki - iPod Touch (stylized, trademarked, and marketed as lowercase iPod touch; commonly known as the iTouch) is a portable media &hellip; en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPod_Touch
just search qwickpwn on google,download to computer, follow steps. done!
ipod touch now has mail
Can this sort of thing be done on an iPod Classic 80gb? Or is the firmware to encrypted to jailbreak it?
ummm... no. First of all you cannot install apps on a classic, so it would be virtually pointeless. And secondly, you can't..
You seem to have repeated yourself...
jailbreakme.com went down...
*cough* v3.0 ....<br/>
You can do most anything you want to your iphone and ipod, but beware! Just because it is an <a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARM_architecture">ARM processor</a> doesn't mean this is going to be a good idea.<br/><br/>I've bricked my phones, and enjoyed them otherwise. Unless you are savvy, be very careful. As an engineer, I would suggest that you play with your other toys. (not an apple employee)<br/>
Were do i can Find the NES App
I am experiencing the same problem!!!
will this work 4 the new iphone? please help!!!!
When I select the 1.1.1 software it starts loading. Then, in iTunes, it says that there was an onknown error. What do I do? PLEASE ANSWER!!!
Wait until this friday for firmware 2.0! AppStore!
man can someone plz tell me how to keep my contacts while restoring?? i got a lot of contacts and i don't want them to be ruined i accidentally dropped my iphone and now it detects headphones even though im not using them....so i cannot talk on the phone without the headphones or lisn to music....plz any1 help????
hey! this is cool and all, but one question...this won't ruin any of my contacts, or mess up my phone for me? i've got my iphone from the summer & had it hacked out of at&t, but i haven't been able 2 do anything else to it, cuz some1 told me it'll unhack itself if do...i havent even used itunes! & i need my phone...
man if it's out of at&t claws then it's jailbroken, just look for the installer in your springboard, you dont need this.
the what in my whatta? you mean take it apart? dude, i barely know how 2 download crap onto my iphone. i cant take it apart:-S...
springboard is the Home screen, just look for the installer there it should be there
ohh. thanks!
no this WILL Destroy all your data... this is a firmware upgrade and if you backup your data you can copy all your contacts and recordings. iTunes is great... Try it E
huh! i'll just buy the new iphone that's coming out. get ready to do extreme begging! cheers Mojo
If the rumored 1.1.3 is true, than it's impossible to do any of this once it comes out! :(
No that's UNTRUE. Just the native 1.1.3 will no be broken for awhile... You can always downgrade to the easy 1.1.1 firmware and re-jailbreak or use the 1.1.2 techniques and enjoy the newer upgrades. Try 1.1.3 if nothing is new or useful then go back to older ipsw and jailbreak those for the apps you luv. E
That's the problem. From what I've heard, in 1.1.3 you can't downgrade. But I'm sure it will be cracked eventually once it comes out. 1.1.3 supposedly is also going to support the SDK that apple has been talking about as well as multiple home screens! :D
Can ALWAYS downgrade... the ipsw overwrites the firmware during the RESTORE MODE. No way to change this unless they also disable the ability to restore you device. Then just use old iTunes version, old ipsw and the original restore mode and viola...no more 1.1.3 Easy... E
Actually, once you upgrade to 1.1.3, it is no longer possible (as of now) to downgrade back to 1.1.1 I've done my research, I've tried many times by putting my iPhone into recovery mode and downloading the 1.1.1 firmware for the iPhone (Not touch) and each and every time I get an error message. It would seem that this problem is happening to anyone who upgrades to 1.1.3, and although you can always restore it, it is not possible to downgrade it.
it's possible to downgrade, have your sources told you about DFU Mode? done it from 1.1.4 to .1.1.1 and 1.1.3 to 1.1.2 with, 3 iPhones and 2 Touches,
That's what I thought too... I'm just telling you I've heard. <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.engadget.com/2007/12/30/iphones-upgraded-to-1-1-3-cant-be-downgraded/">Here</a> is where I heard it from.<br/>
yeah, no worries mate we can undo anything!
i cant "downgrade" my ipod, (1.1.4), an error occures, so what did i do wrong? o and by the way what do u mean with "SAVE the software as a .ipsw firmware file from Apple. Do this in Firefox ." (the firefox part) ?
how did you get 2?
I have an iPod touch 1.1.4, 1f i downgrade, will i keep my applications?
Step 7: On my iMac I´ve tried to downgrade to 1.1.1 by clicking right and choose. Short before end of restore 1.1.1 it stops and gives a bad error...
your doing a "restore mode" from itunes...right. selecting the correct ipsw for 1.1.1 and be SURE you have the iphone firmware for a phone and itouch firmware for that device. Disable all lock, timeouts & passwords on PC/Mac or iPhone/iTouch. Ensure you have a good USB connection and/or dock. most issues are related to forgettign these small things... E
I'm not saying this is a bad instructable, but trying to downgrade to 1.1.1 bricked my iPhone. I got stuck with an error that said there was a problem with the phone and that it couldn't finish the restore. I got a bit tense when I couldn't even restore to 1.1.2. I switched USB ports and for some reason that worked and I restored to 1.1.2 successfully. Whew. I won't be brave enough to try that again real soon.
Ha! But now you've so impuned my rep! You were warned...however your problem obviously is NOT my instructable but issues with the restore. These are uncommon but can be due to USB issues, phone locks are still enabled, or WiFi was unreliable. You need to be sure the devices is charged or on AC power, The WiFI signal is strong and you are familiar with the steps and software or data is BACKED UP. Disable any programs that use the USB like printers, Activesync or other I/O that can lock or poll USB ports during the restore process... Try try again... E
oh...btw be sure yoou download PHONE firmware and not the TOUCH firmware in the links I provided... FYI.
OK. I got brave &amp; tried, tried again. Same failure on two separate computers. I downloaded the &quot;iPod1,1_1.1.1_3A110a_Restore.ipsw&quot; from both links that you provided. <br/><br/>My symptoms are that the 1.1.1 file extracts to start the restore, but just as it starts to execute the restore, I get an <strong>Unable to restore file due an unknown error</strong> [or words to that effect]. The iTunes restore stops cold once the error msg is acknowledged. Then the iPhone sits there in the cradle with the arrow pointing down to the iPod eighth note symbol. <br/><br/>I was able to restore it back to 1.1.2 with no problems (now that I have extensive experience). But my ability to run 3rd party apps is still impeded. This little gem is not meeting its full potential in its current condition.<br/><br/>Just wondering if the latest version of iTunes has code in it that blocks a downgrade? <br/><br/>BTW, your instructable writing ability was never impunged. <br/>
Downgrading the iPhone firmware to version 1.1.1 will give you an error. you need to download iBrickr. Then, once you restore and get that error, run iBrickr and click the button that says something like "Boot my iPhone." The background color should change color (I believe green) and you can restart your iPhone and it will work. If you get random scrolling text that looks kinda like a really fast POST, hold down the power and home buttons till the iPhone reboots, then release the power button but keep holding the home button. Then try restoring your iPhone again. I tried it on my friends iPhone (I have an iTouch) and i got the same problem until i tried this process and even then i had to try several times.
<strong>erckgillis</strong> A little further research into the problem reveal this from the iphone-elites site:<br/><br/><em>The 4th and 5th character in the serial number stands for the week that the phone was manufactured. Therefore, your iPhone was manufactured in week 49. Anything that is manufactured week 45 and later is not lockable because they come with bootloader 4.6 which is unlockable at the moment</em><br/><br/>Mine was manufactured in the 47th week. Also they refer to several <em>iPhuc</em> command-line interface commands to get past the type of error I referred to.<br/><br/>At this point, I am more unsure of whether to go mess with this.<br/>
Yes, you have a iPhone, the links I provided are for the iTOUCH as I had stated...go find the correct iPhone 1.1.1 firmware and it'll work fine regardless of the date, iTunes or devices...trust me I do it every day... There are also plenety of 1.1.2 hacks for the iPhone but I don't use those command line hacks. Ed
Nice work, I wish I had an iPod touch or an iPhone..
get a job
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