Apple (pi)

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Introduction: Apple (pi)

A delicius and easy pie, decorated with pi itself it is round ;-)
plz vote for me

Step 1: Incredience

1 pac baking power
oil 6 Teaspoons
250gramm quark
4 Teaspoon shugar
2 Teaspoon zinamont
2 Eggs
3Apples ( some nice sweet red ones)
1 1/2 Flauer Mug ( Mehl)

Step 2: Mixing the Doug

Mix all in a bowl together put all wet incredience first then mix (on the photo the bowl is half empty i took the picture bit late)

Step 3: Bakingpaper

put some bakingpaper on the ground of your baking form and butter the edges or oil them then close the ring and cut off the exess paper

Step 4: Spread the Doug

spread half of the doug on the baking form

Step 5: Apples

chop the apples in fine peces and add zimt 2 teaspoons and mix to spread the zimt evenly on your Apples

Step 6:

Put the apples on the first layer of doug and spread 2 Teaspoon of shugar

Step 7: Cover the Apples

spread the second half of the doug on top of the apples

Step 8: Baking

Preeheat the oven to 200 degrees celcius . Bake the pi at 180° celcius for 40 minutes . Plz Vote for me because my recept is delicus try it ;-)



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    Looks and sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    you are welcome try it and serve it the people will say it tastes like grandmas