Picture of Apple pro mouse USB pinout and cable repair DIY
The black Apple pro mouse have some well known issues:
-Only one button
-Too flexible and short cord, which have a very high failure rate.
But I love it's sleek minimal design.
Mine has broken too, next to the mouse end and also at the USB plug. Since to open and to nicely refit the USB plug seems impossible, I decided to change the USB cable completely.

Step 1: Taking apart

Picture of Taking apart
There are a couple well detailed guide on the web about how to open and refit an apple pro mouse. But all of them only helps you when your USB cord broken next to the mouse's end. My cord has been broken on the other end too, so I have to change the whole cable. Also, I was fed up a bit with that very short cord. 
I miss these mice, they were very comfortable in your hand... I think it was the first optical mouse I ever used years ago.
If they were cheaper, I would almost consider switching back to Mac.
ale6244 years ago
ah crap, this instructable just burned out the microchip in my WHITE pro mouse (just sayin cuz he used a black one) . so now its a cool looking paper weight...
Max Headroom (author)  ale6244 years ago
Is that for sale?
Na, I'll by another with a broke cable one. Besides I'll probably just use it for a button in another project.

Why what would you do with it?
Max Headroom (author)  ale6244 years ago
same as you will :) a nice piece of plastic
chorus1875 years ago
 Yeah I tried the lay out like you have it here and nothing is happening so far. Any suggestions?
Max Headroom (author)  chorus1875 years ago
Try to find the right connection mode when the red LED is lighting (use temporary connectors).
Also remember that when the mouse dressed down, the LED sensor won't be working correctly at all, because the missing condenser lens. You have to lift up a bit from the surface!
Bongmaster5 years ago
one button sucks DX
gimme my right click back XD
Max Headroom (author)  Bongmaster5 years ago
there is a prefpane to simulate the right click, simply just hold down the click for a few moments.