Applejack Shot in Edible Cucumber Cups





Introduction: Applejack Shot in Edible Cucumber Cups

This is the second of three cocktail recipes in my Edible Cucumber Cup Cocktail series.  
For the Edible Cucumber Cup Instructable, click here.

Mix a ratio of:

1 part whiskey or bourbon to 3 parts apple juice
(example: 1/2 cup booze 1 1/2 cups juice)

The amount you make will depend on how many cups you are serving. Don't be afraid to make more than you need, as there's sure to be requests for refills! 

For the alcohol, I like to use either Jameson whiskey or Bulliet Bourbon, but feel free to use whatever brand is your favorite.  For the apple juice, I use just classic pasteurized apple juice. 

Step 1: Mix & Fill

Mix the two by stirring in a container (a jar works well).

Once you've made your cups (for cup how-to click here), use a clean baster to fill the cups to avoid spillage.

Step 2: Garnish

Cut and add apple slivers for a splash of color and extra deliciousness.

Serve cold.


Step 3: More Cocktail Recipes for Cucumber Cups!

For the Mount Fuki Sake Cups, click here.
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