Introduction: Appleseed Maracas

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Love your environment?
Love maracas?

Here's how to recycle household items into maracas!

Step 1: Materials

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Materials needed for one maraca:
Two bottle caps
Tape (electrical fits best)

You will need more than one apple.

Step 2: Eat Apples and Collect Seeds

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Every time you eat an apple, collect the seeds within, using the toothpick to get them out.
The average apple has six seeds in it. Some has more or less. You'll need the seeds from two or three apples before you make your maraca. This isn't an activity to do in one day. (unless you REALLY like apples)

Step 3: Put in Seeds, Close Maraca, Tape

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After letting the most recent seeds dry for a day or two, put all your collected seeds (about 12) into a bottle cap. Place another bottle cap upside down on top of your first one, and carefully seal them together with electrical tape. Make sure They fit on each other perfectly, as to prevent gaps.

Step 4: You're Done!

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You're done! Make two or three more and shake em' up! Spice up your life with recyclable music!

~Made by Lewis Siragusa


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