This is why I throw NOTHING away! This project combines recycling (the denim), photo play, and needlework to create a simple but fun apron.

Step 1: Materials

Denim (reclaimed from a 20-year-old dress, well-worn but not at all flattering)
White sheeting (left over from making a bed skirt)
Batting (just a scrap; again, left over from another project)
DMC threads, #646, 647, and 844, and cross stitch needle
Reliable HP inkjet printer, Model 2110 (from Craigslist; one of the best $20 investments I've made)
Twill tape for ties
Needle and thread for applique
Fray Check fabric glue (who knows how long that's been in the cabinet?)
Coffee mug (it's not elegant, but I made it, and that was important)
The steam tendrils are just beautifully done!
That would be awesome! I think I want to make my self a cupcake themed piece,
Ohhh, you could do some of that shredded fabric thing for frosting on one of them! (I don't know how to do it, or what it's actually called, but I've seen it and it would be cute!)
I'm going to try this out when I get a chance.
I want to play with the photos a little more. A kid's fabric personalized picture book, maybe?
This is lovely!
Why, thank you! It makes me want to do more freehand embroidery. With a thimble.

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