Step 3: Time to Glue them on

Picture of Time to Glue them on
So now it's time to glue the ears in place. Most people put a ton of spirit gum on the prosthetic and on their skin. While this works great if you are about to play a marathon LARP session, it is usually overkill. The first time I wore elf ears, I covered the inside of the prosthetic and the top half of my ear completely with spirit gum... It took about 30 minutes and half a bottle of spirit gum remover to get the ears off. Since then I have learned a much better method.

To attach the elf ears to your ears, all you need is a small amount of spirit gum. Spirit gum is one of many prosthetic adhesives available on the market, however I have found that it is the easiest to use, easiest to clean up, and gentlest on the skin. A little bit goes a long way, so when applying it, only use a small amount. I have found that a 1/8 ounce bottle will glue on about 100-125 pairs of elf ears!

1) Apply a small amount of spirit gum to the indicated areas of the prosthetic, a little on the front flap and a little on the back curve.

2) Being careful not to get any spirit gum in your hair, carefully slide the ear over your own into position. It is usually a good idea to practice doing this in the mirror without spirit gum, until you are able to slide it on easily.

3) Press and hold the two areas for about 1 minute (a little longer if the temperature is lower). One of the photos below demonstrates the easiest way to pinch and hold the ears when gluing them on. Placing your thumb behind your ear, pinch the back curve with your thumb and index finger. Use your middle finger to press the flap against your temple. Hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Repeat with other ear.

I recommend Graftobian brand for ease of use and ease of removal.