Step 3: Time to Glue Them On

So now it's time to glue the ears in place. Most people put a ton of spirit gum on the prosthetic and on their skin. While this works great if you are about to play a marathon LARP session, it is usually overkill. The first time I wore elf ears, I covered the inside of the prosthetic and the top half of my ear completely with spirit gum... It took about 30 minutes and half a bottle of spirit gum remover to get the ears off. Since then I have learned a much better method.

To attach the elf ears to your ears, all you need is a small amount of spirit gum. Spirit gum is one of many prosthetic adhesives available on the market, however I have found that it is the easiest to use, easiest to clean up, and gentlest on the skin. A little bit goes a long way, so when applying it, only use a small amount. I have found that a 1/8 ounce bottle will glue on about 100-125 pairs of elf ears!

1) Apply a small amount of spirit gum to the indicated areas of the prosthetic, a little on the front flap and a little on the back curve.

2) Being careful not to get any spirit gum in your hair, carefully slide the ear over your own into position. It is usually a good idea to practice doing this in the mirror without spirit gum, until you are able to slide it on easily.

3) Press and hold the two areas for about 1 minute (a little longer if the temperature is lower). One of the photos below demonstrates the easiest way to pinch and hold the ears when gluing them on. Placing your thumb behind your ear, pinch the back curve with your thumb and index finger. Use your middle finger to press the flap against your temple. Hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Repeat with other ear.

I recommend Graftobian brand for ease of use and ease of removal.
<p>Thank you for the awesome guide to applying elf ears! I bought a pair of ears from your site a while ago, and this was very helpful. The ears really completed the Link costume I made!</p>
Hey Brooke,<br>I was confused by part of your message, but I will try my best. So did you paint the elf ears? You said that you followed the tutorial, but then say, &quot;Should I add make-up to my ear?&quot; Are you referring to your real ears? The point of our tutorial is to not have to put any make-up on your skin.<br><br>That is weird that the ears look gray and lifeless. When you paint the ears with RMG make-up, you should get a nice, rich flesh tone on the ears, like in the photos. The only time that I have seen ears have that lifeless look is when the ears are older, and dust and dirt have settled into the latex. Once that happens, it is next to impossible to clean and remove that dirt, and when you paint the ears, it just grinds the dirt into the latex even more!<br><br>May I ask where you bought your elf ears? And also, what brand of make-up did you use? Some RMG make-up works better than others.<br><br>As for hiding the seam line, you could follow this tutorial on Instructables, https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Apply-Elf-Ears/, for instructions on using flesh latex and make-ups. But we honestly recommend using hair or ear cuffs because of how quick and easy it is. To get a good blending with latex, you might spend an hour or so just on applying the make-up. And after spending all of that time, you can get a nice, smooth transition the first and maybe second time you blend them on. However, latex bonds to latex. So after those first few times, the edge will continue to get thicker and thicker, and thus harder and harder to blend in.<br><br>I always say that the first 2 times, you can achieve 90-95% realism. The third about 85%, the fourth about 75%, and lower and lower. However if you instead use the ear cuffs and hair to hide the seam lines, you will achieve a 80-85% realism every single time you wear them.<br><br>I hope that helps!<br><br>Paul
<p>I got pointy ears for halloween, and after i tried this, it still looked unpainted and grayish. Any other tips? Should i add makeup to my ear? How do i get rid of the line? should i use my hair to cover it up? My skin tone is light-fair. Irish. Please help!</p>
<p>wow, this was a great an informational tutorial, I can't wait to use it! </p><p>I do have one question though... I was planning on doing a cosplay which will require me to use body paint to make my skin an unnatural colour. Should I paint my ears to be the same colour as the body paint I will be using, or should I paint it close to my natural skin colour, then apply the body paint over it? </p>
I would paint the ears to be close to the color of the body paint. If you paint them flesh toned and then paint color over that, it will just muddy the final color as the make-ups will mix.
<p>Alright, danke for the advice c:</p>
amazing! <br>perfect for my cosplays i perform! Also any idea where i can get some ear cuffs with a chain to another ear cuff? <br>
You can buy them on our website.
Awesome! Now I can look like my character in Dragon Age! (Or any other RPG/ MMO I play for that matter. haha)
That's really nicely done, and I love the lady with the piercing in the TOP of the ear.
You look a Lott like a Pixie!<br /> (Sorry that was terrible)<br /> But no seriously, those look so amazing! I&nbsp;bet they turn heads when you wear them to the store :P (If you don't wear them to the store, you should, just for the reaction!)<br />
OMG! Pic 2, Those look so real! Good job! :D
I'm impressed by the finished look, but do they actually help you hear any better? That was the intention, right?
Nope. These are for for costuming uses.
I wonder if elves wear human ears to parties
&nbsp;This could go the same for aliens, do they wear human costumes to parties?
LOL :0) now I'll be looking more carefully at human ears when i'm at parties. :0)
makes me want to go LARPing
same but the last time i tried to go larping in a real larp battle they said i was too young too bad i just had to larp with my brother and he slaughtered me...
can you do on on how to apply horns?
Wow! That looks really good! Thank you very much for sharing :D Those ears look really weird when they're not on a head though... XD
I got a pair of elf ears and some cuffs to hides the outter seam, but i want the inside flap to blend in with my skin, how do you reccommend doing this? Just liquid latex and makeup? Thanks!
Awesome Instructable, and awesome people! I see you pretty much every year at garenfest, helpful as always! =)<br/>I definitely recommend Aradani's ears if you want a nice pair.<br/>
I'm sorry but what is an ear cuff?
those are the little metal objects in all of the photos. They are like toe rings, shaped like a U, that cuff onto the cartilage of your ear, about halfway up. You'll notice in the photos that some are fancy with chains connected to piercings, and others are just simple cuffs.
... i hope i didn't break the "be nice" comment policy by being utterly fanboy-ish. i didn't mean any harm, i just got a bit too excited...
Where can i find really high-quality elf ears (small). I live in San Francisco.
HMMM, this pretty neat,you know for a Christmas party. (YOU CAN BE AN elf!!!)
When you say &quot;rose blush&quot; do you mean a simple powder blush, cause I for the life of me can't find that color on Aradani in the RMG makeup section. I can however find it in the creme makeup section. But I don't think thats correct for latex prosthetics. <br/><br/>And thank you for you wonderful tutorial! <sup>_</sup><br/>
Sorry about that. We use "Rose blush" because it is a pinker tone. But in order to keep the number of make-ups that we carry to a minimum (and keep us from ripping our hair out), we decided that Red would cover more bases than Rose Blush. Red allows you to paint Urukai, demons, devils, AND the blush tones of ears. We just find Rose Blush to be a little nicer since it is a less-saturated tone. However, it you were to purchase the "Light Flesh RMG stack," you would have every color you would need to paint both a light ear and a medium ear according to the instructable. (you can mix the sierra and dark bronze to get something similar to medium highlight).
Thank you oh so much! <sup>_</sup> I can't wait to give this a try! <br/>
I cannot say that I have any interest in the actual subject matter, but I wanted to compliment you on what is probably one of the best-written instuctional I have read. I read the whole thing, even though the subject is not in my interest range. The instruction clarity is exceptional, and I actually understood what I would need to do should I ever really want to wear elf ears! lol
An elfe and a hobbit ? What a lovely couple ;)
I don't know if I should take offense at that comment. I tend to dress up as Link from The Legend of Zelda quite often, so it makes me a little self conscious to be called a hobbit. Oh well, guess I need to eat a little less and exercise a little more. : )
More like Jak from Jak and Daxter. This is great! Dragon*Con is only 21 days away! Thanks for the idea!
You can always visit us at Dragon*Con! My brother Michael will be in the Dealer's room, and I will be in the Art Show selling my artwork. Hope to see you there!
Am I the only one who sees irony with putting elf ears and realistically in the same sentence? I mean, their elf ears. How realistic can they be? OK, I'm just kidding. I konw what you mean. It just struck me as funny. Kind of like Garth Brooks and Hewey Lewis releasing "Working for a Living." I mean, one of them is retired, and the other hasn't had a hit in years. They can't sing about working for a living!
lol nice insult on Garth and Hewey...<br/><br/>*cough* don't see you making hit albums though lol<br/>
That's my point. I haven't seen them making hit albums recently either. Now they are talking about working for a living. They haven't been working!
*sigh* I wont even add my retort.<br/>
way to add to your retort by not adding to said retort. *applauds* well put alice. you own me.
*asterisk* <br/>
Self Inflicted Pete Peeve! Their->Belonging to them. They're->They are!
I was looking on the Graftobian website, and they don't seem to carry "Sierra" as a shade of RMG. Any recommendations on what should be used instead?
Just wanted to let you know that because of demand created by this instructable, Aradani Studios now sells Graftobian brand RMG make-up on our website (and it is cheaper than getting it directly from Graftobian). So now you can get ears and RMG at the same place and save on shipping costs. <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.aradanicostumes.com/adhesives.php#rmgmakeup">RMG make-up</a><br/>
I have some from aradani's to and i'm quite pleased with them, I chose the wrong tone for my skin though so with make up during the shows they don't look the same, but they have a reasonable price and look wonderful
:D I can be link now! this was a nice instuctable.
Nice tips! An ear cuff would certainly have made life easier, but I only had one.

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