Step 4: The quick "cheats"

So this step is what makes my instructable different from others, how to blend them in quickly and easily, without sacrificing realism. Most of this "magic" is accomplished with strategic placement of hair and ear cuffs.

1) Hiding the front flap
The reason that we leave the flap on the ear instead of trimming it off, is that it is much easier to hide the flap underneath your sideburns (or the hair in that area). Since this part glues flat to your temple, their isn't much need to blend the seam in, since it is all flat against the skin.

2) Hiding the back curve"
When you glue your ears on, you will notice that the elf ear cuts straight across the back curve of your ear. This seam is much harder to find. Rather than blending it in with make-up, which can take up to an hour, we are going to wear ear cuffs! This takes about 10 seconds, and looks much more flawless. The other benefit you get is that by breaking the continuity of the ear, it doesn't matter as much if the coloring isn't perfect. The other benefit is that the jewelry will also draw attention to your ears, especially if they are shiny or sparkly (as a guy this is the only time I enjoy wearing sparkly jewelry).