Picture of Applying Pros Aide 3D Transfers
This is a  lesson on  the preparation, application and removal of  Pros Aide 3D  Transfers. We will be applying a set of orbital ridge transfers used for a Zombie make up. You will need:-

* The transfers (on released acetate)
* Water slide paper
* Barrier/Sealer Spray
* Adhesive
* Remover
* Wet Wipes
* Applicator Sponges
* Cotton Buds
* Removing Brush
* Baby powder or Translucent powder

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Step 1:

Picture of
Application Pictures for Transfers 002.JPG
Application Pictures for Transfers 004.JPG
Application Pictures for Transfers 006.JPG
*Remove contents from bag

*Take off the parchment covering transfer

*Peel transfer away from the card it is stuck to ( discard card backing)

*Find shiny side of water slide paper, this is what we will glue the transfer to face down on to.

 Lay the transfer out on the table with the water slide paper, shiny side up
HollyMann1 year ago
Very interesting!