Traditional varnish oil is my favourite type of finish for indoor furniture pieces. My favourite brand of varnish oil is Tried and True. It’s completely non-toxic, it doesn’t smell up my house, it provides good protection and it looks beautiful.

However, some people say this is a difficult finish to apply. I don’t find using this finish difficult, I think it just takes a little know-how. This is how I do it.

Step 1: Materials

Varnish Oil

Micro-fibre tack cloth

Lint-free cloth or rag

0000 Steel Wool

Disposable gloves (optional)

<p>whats the difference between poly and varnish? cheimically and visually?</p>
<p>Clear and concise instructions, good photos. Thanks for this.</p>
<p>Great information! I've always wanted to try Tried &amp; True, but have been scared by its reputation. Might have to try it now.</p>

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