Appreciating Pi (not the Edible Variety)





Introduction: Appreciating Pi (not the Edible Variety)

Those who fear rows and rows of numbers, I recommend you to leave. Those who wonder what pi is so fascinating about, I recommend you to join me on this epic journey through pi.

EDIT: After having left this to rot for a few years, I have decided to correct some glaring typos. :D

Step 1: Grab Your Slice of Pi (and Please Don't Eat It 'till We're Done)

Now to get some pi to appreciate. There are a lot of websites offering up to 2 million digits of pi. Don't worry, as we are not going that deep. We are stopping at the 100th digit or so.

Here is a website you can go to get pi :

Here is a site to search pi digits :

Here are the 1st hundred decimal digits:


apparently of which (some) I have memorized. In the recent years after not actively revising I have forgotten some off the far end.

Step 2: Getting Started...

Here are the first 20 digits. Don't they look pretty?


I got a little too carried away and had to remove an extra 8 digits.

Step 3: Warmed Up?

I actually forgot a little something :

pi digits 15 to 25

32384626433 (look at the 1st picture)

Ok, lets carry on...

pi digits 21 to 30

2643383279 (2nd pic)

Step 4: Getting Hungry for More?

the next 20:


I decided to show more at one go because there are some patterns spread out here.

Step 5: Feel a Little Twitchy?

pi digits 51-70


Is your stomach growling for more?

Step 6: You Are Quite Done...

The last 30 :


Whoa! What a big bite!

Step 7: Reflections

What were those for? For fun. Don't take them too seriously. Enjoy life. Takeaway a pi-zza (haha). Sit and eat. Forget all these. You will find it difficult at first.

Then come back to this instructable and repeat. Hopefully this has made your day.

Returning a few years later to look at your own Instructable is always fun :D



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    Just saying, pi is kinda incorrect. It's half of the real constant, 2pi, or tau. Look at and see a whole manifesto on it.

    Sorry for being such a party pooper. Pi is still cool, but not cool enough.

    The string 12345678 occurs at position 186,557,266 counting from the first digit after the decimal point. The 3. is not counted.

    The string and surrounding digits:

    72269200957811705289 12345678 05029135885957638876

    Its a Palindrome not a Pandrilome :)

    thats wat he said palindrome

    Like my profile picture?   (the rating is 3.14 thats funny!)

    just wishing you a happy π Day

    Is it coincidence that the rating is 3.14? LOL!

    I'm not going to rate it simply so it can stay that way!


    That is hilarious!