Those who fear rows and rows of numbers, I recommend you to leave. Those who wonder what pi is so fascinating about, I recommend you to join me on this epic journey through pi.

EDIT: After having left this to rot for a few years, I have decided to correct some glaring typos. :D
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Step 1: Grab your slice of pi (and please don't eat it 'till we're done)

Now to get some pi to appreciate. There are a lot of websites offering up to 2 million digits of pi. Don't worry, as we are not going that deep. We are stopping at the 100th digit or so.

Here is a website you can go to get pi :

Here is a site to search pi digits :

Here are the 1st hundred decimal digits:


apparently of which (some) I have memorized. In the recent years after not actively revising I have forgotten some off the far end.

Step 2: Getting started...

Here are the first 20 digits. Don't they look pretty?


I got a little too carried away and had to remove an extra 8 digits.

Step 4: Getting hungry for more?

the next 20:


I decided to show more at one go because there are some patterns spread out here.

Step 6: You are quite done...

Picture of You are quite done...
The last 30 :


Whoa! What a big bite!

Step 7: Reflections

What were those for? For fun. Don't take them too seriously. Enjoy life. Takeaway a pi-zza (haha). Sit and eat. Forget all these. You will find it difficult at first.

Then come back to this instructable and repeat. Hopefully this has made your day.

Returning a few years later to look at your own Instructable is always fun :D
frodobot5 years ago
Its a Palindrome not a Pandrilome :)
thats wat he said palindrome
rimes4 years ago
Hey, Pi is Einstein's Birthday too... Spooky huh?
Happens to be mine too... :-)
I know what I wan't my cake to look like now... Thanks!