Step 9: Allowing Jars to Cool & Checking the Seals

Picture of Allowing Jars to Cool & Checking the Seals
- Using your Jar lifter, slowly remove jars one at atime and place on a clean towel in an out of the way area as they will need to sit undisturbed overnight or  for atleast 12 hrs.

- During removal you might hear some of the jars make a ping or popping noise. This is normal and a good sign. If you don't, have no fear, not all the jars will make that noise and it doesn't mean you did it incorrectly.

As tempting as it is, DO NOT touch your jars. Leave them undisturbed atleast overnight.

- after 12 hrs or overnight, remove rings and check your lids to make sure they are sealed properly.
I usually lift the jar by the lid a few inches from the towel. If the jars are properly sealed they will all hold.
- Use a damp paper towel or clean hand towel and clean the sides and tops of the jars( this will remove that powdery white stuff that is left when your water has lots of minerals in it)

- If your lid falls off or starts to come loose at any time, they ARE NOT properly sealed. These should be refrigerated and used up right away.
- Properly sealed jars should be labeled  stored in a cool sun light free area. Such as a cupboard in an air-conditioned area. Jars do not need to have the rings placed back on for storing.
wold6303 years ago
I might actually try canning some things now. This is very informational and the jam sounds like a tasty combination!