April Fool Prank Your Friends




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Introduction: April Fool Prank Your Friends

Your friend take some gum on your desk but is mouth will be red for 4 days now.... Gotcha !!!!! hahahah



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    Did the coloring come off the guys teeth?(great vid BTW)

    Hmm... Halloween is gonna be fun!

    I did it to three of my friends... now I have three bruises
    so worth is though =)

    yah i know why would you put in red when red isn't seen as well as a color such as green witch stands out against your mouth

    blue is even better.

    where do you get black liquid dye? -_-

    They sell it in most grocery stores during fall because it is a fall color :P

    I dont know but you may be able to use black icing(or not... i dont know). You mix blue food coloring into green icing until it turns black(i think... iforgot what color icing you use but i think its green.)

    OMG u should do brown food coloring so he will have to explain to his friends at school! HA!

    great prank except i dont know how you reput the wrapper on that gum as perfectly -_-'

    how about using the neon food colouring you can buy?

    dude y did u oen ur mouth on cam. thats gross.

    this aint funny its dumb

    i'm going to do this to a friend who can go through a WHOLE box of bazooka bubblegum in an hour he always eats all of mine so now HE will learn..ha...ha...ha :)

    i want to do this and give it to my friends at school so when they don't expect it there mouth will be a different color and they will get caught and given after school. MWUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAA

    I did this prank yesterday the only difference is that I also put in the innards of a "blood capsule" so color the saliva, it looked even cooler then just coloring

    That was great, I just made 19!!!!!!! Here's to hoping people will fall for it tomorrow!!