Use this jpg to fake a broken plasma or lcd TV or computer display. For a PC set this jpg as the desktop background, lock it, and move the login box off the screen.
<p>Looks like Forrest Trump's empty head! LOL!</p>
<p>am i the only one that seeing that picture is shaped like a lion?</p>
<p>it worked i pranked my mom and dad they were shocked hahaha LOL</p>
<p>Actually, the picture is nice but unfortunately less apparent for the future can be more daring not waste color in the show.</p>
Put this on a CRT monitor, see how many people get confused.<br />
&nbsp;hahahahahahahahahahahaaha i bet no one got that cept me
I got it...
I got it...
I got it...
I got it...
I Got It!
I got it... <br>
I got it...they would really think it was broken...
no, that it what a cracked lcd looks like, crts don't crack and look like that.
I got it...
i got it
I got it
I got it...
you all got it ! &hellip;<br><br>LOL
i got it...
yeah... about that...
You just need to right-click on the image below where the &quot;broken panel&quot; is then click save as background. Make sure you save it as &quot;Stretch View&quot;.
cool ya know u can do the same thing with a iphone theres a app that has that same exact paper on it i think its called screen breaker
it's easy, set it as a screensaver and set the computer to never sleep or turn off the motor
ok how do u get that on ur psp mine dousnt!!!
lol i got the same background on my psp
Me too, but I can't see the icons and it is still there after I start a game<br>No joke, I have a broken psp
Mee too! nI cracked my psp screen TWO times with my head... not joking...
A friend did that to me lately : I threww the goddam screen in the garbage &hellip;&nbsp;
a better way is set as victims background,right click on start bar,click properties.tick autohide,click ok,right click on background,go to arange icons by,untick show desktop icons.
You need: <br>A hammer
give me the link to that picture!<br /> <em>daj mi link do tego obrazu!</em><br />
I would kill the person who did this to me... I get a really nasty chill whenever I see a LCD that's busted, it's freaking terrifying to me. I've lost two PDAs and my sis lost her GBA SP to busted screens... In other news, that's a well done pic. :)
A lower resolution jpg of this is at<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.fontblog.de/C1413545161/E1863918477/Media/cracked_screen_400x300.jpg">http://www.fontblog.de/C1413545161/E1863918477/Media/cracked_screen_400x300.jpg</a><br/>
Can you actually offer us the jpeg instead of giving us a picture? Not a instructable
click on the picture, then click on the link after "original file."
wow, i dont need the jpg for that... I dropped my laptop, it looks just like that =[<br/>

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