April Fools! Fake Demerit


Introduction: April Fools! Fake Demerit

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This is a funny April Fools prank I played on my parents. They got SO MAD when they saw it. Even Madder when they found out it was a joke.

Since I don't have any demerits right now, I whipped up a fake one in MSPaint. You don't want to print this out and use it, because it's SO FLIPPIN OBVIOUS IT'S FAKE

Step 1: You Need:

- A School with demerits
- A Teacher with demerits

Step 2: Step 1: Approching the Teacher

Go to the teacher and say "Hey, I wana play a prank on my parents. Can you help me get a fake demerit?"

Step 3: Step 2: Make It Bad, Make It Convincing.

Something like clogging the toilets , talking back to teachers pulling the fire alarm, punching a kid in a face, damaging school property, anything of the sort.

What I did was under where it says "teacher comments" it would say
"Talked back to teacher -See comments on back"

Step 4: Step 3: Getting It Done So They Don't Think Its Serious at the End

On the back, have it say APRIL FOOOOOOOLS!

Step 5: Finishing It Off

At the end, you may want to sleep outside that night.



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    LOL. I found some blank ones lying around my school, so I just Photocopied some.

    that picture looks like my language arts teacher when she is mad and that is most of the time

    Our 4th grade teacher gave us them on April Fools day upon request to prank our parents....she was nice...

    lolz....... don't forget a blanket!!!!!

    could i use detentions, iss's (in school suspension, {go to school but not classes}), oss's(out of school suspencsion, {stay home cant go to school for set amount of time PS miss something inportant=tu bad!})

    i might be able to photocopy a real one and have teach fill it out as if real. to make it more believable.

    my math/ algerbra teachers female too ... i could see that being my teacher

    I've been finished with high school for a few years now, but of all the pranks I pulled then, I never thought of doing anything like this with the late slips we had! This has given me an idea, though. Can I adapt this sort of prank to target those of campus-dwelling age, crediting you as the source of the original idea? I've been looking for something to spook my suitemates; it takes quite a bit of talent to make an ordinary student like me jump at this stage in life.