April Fool's Joke: Trick a Close Friend


Introduction: April Fool's Joke: Trick a Close Friend

Well, lots of people have at least one friend that they tell lots of things, including who they like. So you can easily fool that friend with this April fools joke, by letting them think you like somebody you really wouldn't.
This is my first instructable.

Step 1: Pick Your Newfound "love"

Well for this step, all you have to do is choose a person that you and your friend could NEVER see each other liking, but you shouldn't make it too obvious( for example, that kid who always picks his nose and everybody knows is disgusting.)But you should maybe pick somebody you kind of know, or a friend that will certainly remain a friend. Also, you have to make sure your friend will be shocked by your choice of person. It has to be somewhere in the middle.

Step 2: Get Your Friend and Tell Them

Oh kay, well now you go to your friend and act however you act when your about to tell them you like somebody. Then,well, tell them! It should be pleasant to see thier reaction to your choice.

Step 3: April Fool's!!!!!!!!!

Well, after a little while of seeing them freak out, you have to tell them the truth. You could say something along the lines of" HA! April Fools I was just kidding! You actually believed me? What a poohead." You know, the standard stuff.



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    my friend wouldnt believe it was a joke and he would tell everybody and i would be very annoyed

    1 reply

    Same here worst ible ever...

    yeah but right when your done telling them who you like, they run off real quick to tell everyone else! but still it's not too funny

    My very, very straight best friend went all out last year with this other girl at her school (whom I don't know) and claimed they were in a relationship, posting cute "date" pictures on Facebook and everything. I was mostly concerned that she was going to break this girl's heart, because I knew for a fact that she was 100% hetero. When I checked the date, I was mostly frustrated. But I guess it "worked". I think this is a really good prank if you only let it go on for a few seconds or a minute.

    I don't think anyone would have the courage to do that....

    What?! This joke isnt funny at all!

     That is a mean joke and very wrong... why would you want to do such a thing....

    That was SO bad that I fell off of the internet. Why did you even try? If you're going to make an april fools instructable, don't make it "Lol, tell a friend a lie lololololololol I are teh funniez!" Seriously

    5 replies

    you fell off the internet?

    ....I got better...

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